02 December, 2012

Sunday Stitching and sad stuff

Yesterday, we went and bought 2 outside Christmas trees, I only wanted one but dh said they were so cheap we'd have 2.  So one is for the outside of the house and the other we're planting.  (we did this the first year we moved to France and the tree is at the other house, god knows how many metres tall and we can't bring it here *sob*)

Anyway, driving out the supermarket car park and I saw out of the corner of my eye a car hit a kitten/small cat.... and bloody drive off !!!! (sorry for swearing but i'm still fuming) the poor thing was jumping up in the air, arching, blood coming out of it's head, a bit like when their playing with a mouse.. :( DH got out the car and went running to it, a fellow brit carried on driving out car park, nearly finishing the cat off and just missed hitting DH in the process... other people just stopped and stared :O( 
It was still alive although obviously not going to survive, but we've had cats run over and we've had cats go missing but we prefer to know what's happened to them even if it is bad iykwim.  It does us in wondering where they are.
So he went knocking on some doors with a dying kitty but no one knew who owned it or even offered to help :(
The vet is just down the road so we drove there to see if she could put him/her out of their misery that much quicker...Saturday lunchtime SHUT !!! So I phoned and explained, oh I'm not near the vet's now.... PFFFF and the poor thing had a pulse but it's eye's were shot, head bashed in, totally not going to recover, so DH just smoothed it and stroked it until it took it's last breath :(
We put it in a bag and left it on the vet's doorstep, she said she'd dispose of it.
So quite a sad Saturday, DH is a right softie and he and I were upset all day :( but we did our best even if it wasn't good enough and someone was loving it and stroking it when it went wherever little kitties go.

I didn't feel upto making the little runner I wanted to make to go on my singer treadle cover, so I got busy this afternoon...feeling like rubbish with a first day of a cold, mindlessly sewing was the answer :)

With a mini charm pack from Katy@imagingermonkey and a jelly roll scrap from Lynne@lilysquilts my hall feels more festive.
I had a go on the Janome with a couple of FMQ Christmas trees, I used an aurifil green variegated.  It's much easier to drawn on my wipeboard/paper than it is on the fabric but it's more adventurous than the stitch in the ditch I was planning.
I've only just noticed this second looking at the post that the last two rows are in the wrong place...oh well too late now lol ;o)

Tomorrow is taken up with taking dh for a hand x-ray and I expect at least one, if not two poorly children home from school with mummy's cold, we're all coughing, spluttering and feel like we've got flu :(  and I might get some hopping done, I believe there's a sewmamasew Giveaway day well actually week starting tomorrow :)  I usually do participate but haven't got the energy to reply to everyone's lovely comments this week so will wait until the next one.
Good luck hopping :)

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  1. It makes me fuming mad when things like that happen as well. I've been behind people who've hit a cat or dog and then just driven on. I stop and try to see who owns it when that happens. People just make me so mad sometimes.

    Hope you feel better from your creeping crud (I woke up with something similar this morning after just getting over a bout with sniffles) and that the kidlets do too.

    I like your little merry cover!

  2. aww that's really sad, well done you two for making the kitty's last moments as happy as possible.
    Lovely cover! xx

  3. Poor little mite I get so cross with these people. The tree looks great.

  4. I love what you and your hubby did for the little kitty! It's up there ROARING your accolades! Thank you for sharing your story, as it makes my heart feel great that there are people out their who care, even for the tiny nameless animals and people. I'll be thinking of your story as we enter the Christmas season! Happy Holidays!
    Nancy Sue
    Middletown, MD

  5. I have one of our cats on my lap right now, and the idea of someone running her over and just leaving has me in tears,so thank you for your kindness to a strangers beloved kitty.

  6. How truly awful. I'm so glad that you were there though to do the compassionate and decent thing for it.

    F x

  7. so sad ... someone must be missing the poor little thing x my sons cat was run over and the neighbours directed the driver to them so that they could be with him at the end xx so sad ... at least the poor thing was not alone x

  8. That is such a sad story. It makes me so angry that people can be so cruel but I'm grateful that you and your husband were there for the poor wee thing and it was being stroked and knew some affection at the end.


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