06 December, 2012

Santa made a brief appearance

Santa's made a brief appearance here in Rural France :)
He came and took my secret santa gift and it's happily on it's way to recipient.
He also left me with a pressie from DH, it's Swiss and not chocolate, the sweet love has been researching and scheming. 
He knows the Janome has been playing up big time and kept telling me to go and buy a machine, problem is any of the other machine's don't do anything different to the Janome really and the one up from my machine is thousands of £££££'s.
So Phil took it upon himself to buy me a new to me machine anyway...
Here she is, well not this actual one because she's now back in her case and is staying there for another 19 days :) But yes, he bought me a Bernina 730 Record. 
She sews like a dream, I've given her a good oiling, she has her extension table, she has 20 embroidery stitches and drops her feed dogs, speed control and shouldn't ever rust :)  I can't quite believe that my machine which is 47 years old !!! yes 10 years older than me, can sew better than my Janome and the Brother.
I even managed a FM Amelia which I can't do on the other two.
I have been a bit naughty and ordered a 1/4" foot and another one with the guide like the Janome foot, I love the guide one cos it makes it so easy to chain piece accurate 1/4".

So on Boxing day I may be holed up with Berni :)

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  1. Wo o hoo. Lucky you. You have a very understanding husband

  2. Oh Pippa, how wonderful.

    I was having a drool over the Bernina machines yesterday when I was at the wonderful quilt shop in Rennes.

    If ever I come into great money I'll be off to buy one like a shot!

    F x

  3. Oh you must have been a good girl this year!

  4. What a sweetie! I bet you can't wait to hear her purring - lovely present!

  5. My Bernina is now 7 years old and I still love it - I am sure that yours will also be wonderful. Have lots of fun and make beautiful things. How can you wait until Boxing Day!!!

  6. Sweet! And one should never ever not have a 1/4" foot. Now she needs a name!


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