08 December, 2012

Rudolph Lollies

Yesterday I saw missymaccreations had a great tutorial for an easy make which were lollypop nose reindeers, I made one for the kids in the evening and then Amelia suggested we make 30...yes THIRTY for her school.... so being the lovely mummy that I am, I went to the local shop and asked them for 30 red lollies, then I spent the morning cutting out scraps of card, Amelia drew on eyes and together we glitter glued their ears and around the noses.... they sat drying on my quilting frame and then this evening we glued them together.... I seem to have lost a lolly and no-one knows where it's gone, I have my suspicions that a little girl may have eaten it during the making of the lollipops.
Here are the 29 lollies and 1 that I found stashed away for Amelia to take to school.
They look an interesting herd (I checked, it's what a group of reindeer are called lol,) and hopefully the mystery lollipop thief will leave enough to take to school on Monday.

It's been quite a festive day as during the reindeer I cooked a roast turkey dinner lol.

Time for a cuppa and settle down for Come Dancing and Merlin :)

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  1. Love the reindeer and hope you enjoyed the turkey!

  2. Hey - you won over on Ellyn's Place - congrats!!! Lucky you :)

  3. Great idea to make them for school! What a good mum you are!!

  4. This made me laugh! Especially the one that went missing! The great Christmas. Mystery!

  5. So cute - I haven't seen anything like this before!

  6. Love that you made 30 (!!!) of these, Pippa. Mum of the year! Bet the kids were thrilled. :)

  7. I think that if you leave a little girl surrounded by lollies, you can expect one to go missing.

    They look just fab!

    F x

  8. The lollies are very cute! The reindeer are so perfect! Nice details too! Happy Holidays! cheers, Claire W.

  9. Such a cute herd. You are such a lovely mummy.


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