02 December, 2012

November's Fresh Sewing Day

I always feel November is an inbetween month, it's Halloween to Christmas, I'm ready for Christmas now and have no plans for sewing pressies or anything unless I want to :) it's a great feeling....

Here is my November mosaic

I finished the Medley quilt which is now in the lounge being snuggled under, I got the Days of Yore to flimsy stage, made myself a reversible bag which is getting lots of use (might make myself a xmas one next) lots of secret santa stuff, table mats for Christmas and an infinity scarf which I forgot to add to the mosaic.

December will not be so frantic or productive :) Linking up to Lily's Fresh Sewing day :)

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  1. I've finished all my Christmas presents ready to send the last this week AND I have written all my cards... it sure feels good. Hugs x

  2. Like you, I am planning very few presents this year... Must not enough time and I refuse to stress over making presents! :-). Great mosaic.... Love the bag!

  3. Crikey, you've been busy!

    Love the reversible bag.

    F x


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