29 December, 2012

My year of finishes

Thought i'd try a new mosaic maker, but I'm sticking with the old one too....

Here you go,

these are my main finishes, 36 photos were the max,
5 complete quilts finished, one for charity and one for my parents :)
3 large quilt flimsies, waiting to be quilted
6 or more pillows, then there were some wall hangings, mini quilts, pouches, bee blocks, round robins, ohhh and so much more.

To see my plans for 2013, pop back on 1st Jan :O)

Happy Weekend

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  1. I noticed that you did a lot of projects with applique, Pippa! You got an amazing amount of projects done in 2012! Congrats! Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what you ( and I!) can get done in 2013!

  2. You have had a great year Pippa - look forward to seeing your plans for next year!

  3. You've been very busy. Did you make a 3D flower quilt?

  4. Your mosaic is fab! Congrats on a year of lovely makes :)

  5. Oooh, I do love a good mosaic! It looks like you've got an awful lot done too, well done!


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