23 December, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

To all my family, friends, blogging pals and followers, can I wish you all a very Merry Christmas !!!

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The last few days has involved meals out, school play's, cleaning, cleaning oh and then some cleaning. Making mince pies, Baileys chocolate cheesecake and a big shop.

And this plate above (See my Christmas tablemats I made earlier in the month) is made up of Camel (left) Zebra (right) sweetcorn and chips (sweet potato and normal ones), my son made a Zebra butty (zebra in a crusty roll) just for a giggle.  I preferred the Camel it's more gamey but not as strong as Kangaroo, the kids and DH liked the Zebra more.
It's a tradition in our house, every Christmas or New Year we have a meal of exotic meats but always with chips (dh's sense of humour)
Think we've now had Buffalo, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Bison, Wild boar, Spring bok, camel and zebra.
I wanted the reindeer but DD was upset we would be eating Rudolph.  I'm so proud of my kids who are only 5 and 8 to try the meats let alone finish up their plates :)

Tomorrow, is a day of relaxing and preparing a buffet for the evening, getting the sweets out of hiding, preparing the stuffings, bread sauce, bacon rolls, etc etc and probably catching up on some blogs. Tracking Santa via Norad is a major part of our Christmas Eve and we always phone them before the kids go to bed to find out where Santa is and how long before he reaches France, it's fantastic for youngsters and us oldies, it makes my Christmas Eve.

If I don't blog tomorrow, Merry Christmas and chat to you all before 2013 :) Have a fantastic time

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  1. Merry Christmas I'm still making presents and wrapping gifts, cleaning and getting ready to cook for the family for Christmas dinner. 1 day left I always leave things until the last minute.

  2. I always thought they had some strange food in France! Well done for trying it.


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