19 December, 2012

It's all gearing up here,

Sorry I've been quiet, there has been quilting work going on...but I'm not very proud of it tbh. Monday was not a good day personally and then I went on the frame with the Winterkist.... :(  tried double loops, the frame was playing up and I've realised I quilted forward to the back and it makes lumps, I must train myself back forward. I think the fleece was pulled too tight as well and it sorta sprung back

Learn't lots though,
  1. don't quilt when your all tied up in knots
  2. clean the runners on the quilting frame more often
  3. When you muck up, walk away and try another day
  4. don't use spray adhesive instead of appliquing on pieces....or GNOMES !!!

I pulled it off the frame and would've chucked it away except Amelia loved it, I unpicked some and just folded the backing and stitched... couldn't even be bothered wasting bias binding.
I'll take some piccies if the light gets better or if I can bear to look at it again, grrr so annoyed with myself, Well Amelia will enjoy snuggling on xmas eve.

Have you had anything like that ????

I've now cleaned and oiled the machines and put them away for Christmas, I've got a round robin that I really should get onto, (it arrived late) but i've got until the end of the year so I might even get to use the bernina on it :O)
I'm going to have a hard think about what I want to achieve in 2013, need to focus on all aspects of life, quilting, health and looking after my family.

Christmas prep is going really well though and I'm just at the stage of waiting for Friday (haircut for me, School evening show for the kids and us and the start of the holidays) Sat/Sunday shopping and cooking:)
But tonight I iced the cake, ready roll icing as usual except this year the WHITE ready roll icing from Tesco's is looking decidedly off white :(
Oh well, it's dirty snow :) I've forgotten to get decorations for the cake so I stole some off the Christmas tree..

Only 6 more sleeps to go... 

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  1. Yup sometimes it's just not my day and I need to walk away. I hope the coming days are better for you.


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