14 December, 2012

hmmm not such a great week

Sometimes you start the week and think everything's going to be great and then wham.... we've had work worries (still not completely resolved but fingers crossed dh will still have a contract on Jan 1st) the oldest kitty has been ill for a few weeks, I've wormed her, fed her all different kinds of food but knew in my heart she had to go to the vets, I went, she had blood tests and she has serious liver failure :( liver's can repair though so she's been on medication, no vomitting for a week which is great news but then tonight :( she's vomitted twice.... the vet's already told me that if the medication didn't work there's nothing else she can do. She's 13.5 and started life as a flat cat before I even met DH, then she moved to a house in Sussex, then over to France, she came with us to Antibes, back to Central France, she's seen kids being born, kittens coming and going :( puppies and dogs.... She's had a great life and I'd rather she just went to sleep sitting in the corner of DH's office but it's unlikely....can everyone please keep their fingers crossed that today's vomitting is just a blip and she'll be fine tomorrow and onwards. She has been so much happier in herself and has been licking the xmas decorations like she has every year and climbed our stairs to get to our bed, she hasn't done that in like 4 years !!!!
I don't think i'm strong enough to go back to the vet's before xmas, I can't say goodbye just yet... selfish I know but while she's eating, purring and wanting cuddles I still have hope :(

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  1. Oh Pippa, you know, I know what you are going through.....stay strong. Hugs xx

  2. So hard to say goodbye to an old friend.

  3. All my positive thoughts are heading your way.

    Please give a very gentle tickle under the chin to your beloved cat from me, x

  4. Oh Pippa I've been there before so I know what you are going through. I'm so sorry. The day will come unfortunately but enjoy ever single moment that you can before then. Big hugs.


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