29 December, 2012

My year of finishes

Thought i'd try a new mosaic maker, but I'm sticking with the old one too....

Here you go,

these are my main finishes, 36 photos were the max,
5 complete quilts finished, one for charity and one for my parents :)
3 large quilt flimsies, waiting to be quilted
6 or more pillows, then there were some wall hangings, mini quilts, pouches, bee blocks, round robins, ohhh and so much more.

To see my plans for 2013, pop back on 1st Jan :O)

Happy Weekend

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28 December, 2012

Recovering and looking forward to 2013

We had a great Christmas, tree fairy PJ's and quilts were  received with much excitement (still not got a piccie of Amelia's winterkist) on Christmas Eve

Then santa arrived and left us lots and lots of goodies,only slight problem was my DS (8) woke up at 3am for the toilet, realised santa had stuffed their stockings, couldn't or wouldn't go back to sleep and woke poor old mummy up at 4.30ish, he opened his little stocking and we watched a film while waiting for Amelia to wake up at 7.30am, lol I definitely needed lots of coffee in the morning.

We ate our Christmas dinner, but just before Amelia was determined to get sewing... first I made her stitch on paper and then she got busy with fabric, 1/2 inch seams but they met in the middle when we joined 4 together !!! way to go eh

My santa delivered Bernice, she sat in her box until yesterday but I tidied up the sewing room, put the Janome away and tried to put fabric and goodies somewhere.  I did have a quick sew on her and she is a joy, a perfect 1/4 " seam with the special foot,no probs.

I was a very lucky girlie, Aurifil, Summersville fabric, tape and a mug :)
Bernina feet, a rotating cutting mat, pins for quilting frame, wonder clips and yup two proper books, Modern quilters from the blogging universe is a great book, really lovely quilts from our favourite bloggers, Simply charming mini's is also great, little quilts which I think may be being made in 2013.

DH found me a vintage tin with lots of little goodies inside, buttons, wooden spools with threads, ribbon, pins, he really put some thought into my presents this year, I do love him so :)

Finally, my win from Ellyns Place what a gorgeous basket of yumminess, some fabric squares, buttons, a lovely basket, pot holder, pin cushion, crochet runner, such a lovely win :)

And now, I'm looking forward to 6 days of injections into my bum :O( morning and night, painkillers and anti inflammatories, my back has been bad since my 8 year old was born, I blame the epidural failing but I've got used to the niggling, the waking up with back ache, sitting and getting up with backache but the last few months it's been getting worse, I've been stuck on the loo 3 times in the last 5 or 6 weeks, It does get worse with sitting by the sewing machine but my saddle chair helps and I think I just need to get up and about more, sitting kills but standing isn't so bad, perhaps I need to iron lolol... and today was agony, so off to the docs.  He thinks I've got crumbling vertebrae and so x rays and physio may follow.

I'll be back soon,

Pip xx

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23 December, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

To all my family, friends, blogging pals and followers, can I wish you all a very Merry Christmas !!!

Happy Merry Christmas Glitter Graphics Greeting animated glitter graphic, picture, image for Myspace comments, Orkut, Friendster, Hi5.

The last few days has involved meals out, school play's, cleaning, cleaning oh and then some cleaning. Making mince pies, Baileys chocolate cheesecake and a big shop.

And this plate above (See my Christmas tablemats I made earlier in the month) is made up of Camel (left) Zebra (right) sweetcorn and chips (sweet potato and normal ones), my son made a Zebra butty (zebra in a crusty roll) just for a giggle.  I preferred the Camel it's more gamey but not as strong as Kangaroo, the kids and DH liked the Zebra more.
It's a tradition in our house, every Christmas or New Year we have a meal of exotic meats but always with chips (dh's sense of humour)
Think we've now had Buffalo, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Bison, Wild boar, Spring bok, camel and zebra.
I wanted the reindeer but DD was upset we would be eating Rudolph.  I'm so proud of my kids who are only 5 and 8 to try the meats let alone finish up their plates :)

Tomorrow, is a day of relaxing and preparing a buffet for the evening, getting the sweets out of hiding, preparing the stuffings, bread sauce, bacon rolls, etc etc and probably catching up on some blogs. Tracking Santa via Norad is a major part of our Christmas Eve and we always phone them before the kids go to bed to find out where Santa is and how long before he reaches France, it's fantastic for youngsters and us oldies, it makes my Christmas Eve.

If I don't blog tomorrow, Merry Christmas and chat to you all before 2013 :) Have a fantastic time

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120-Minute Gift: Zen Tote

120-Minute Gift: Zen Tote
Think I could get this done before xmas but I'm thinking it'd make a perfect first go at the Bernina, so I'm going to cut it all out ready for Boxing day...think I have a pair of those handles too, although mine might involve glitter... post signature

19 December, 2012

It's all gearing up here,

Sorry I've been quiet, there has been quilting work going on...but I'm not very proud of it tbh. Monday was not a good day personally and then I went on the frame with the Winterkist.... :(  tried double loops, the frame was playing up and I've realised I quilted forward to the back and it makes lumps, I must train myself back forward. I think the fleece was pulled too tight as well and it sorta sprung back

Learn't lots though,
  1. don't quilt when your all tied up in knots
  2. clean the runners on the quilting frame more often
  3. When you muck up, walk away and try another day
  4. don't use spray adhesive instead of appliquing on pieces....or GNOMES !!!

I pulled it off the frame and would've chucked it away except Amelia loved it, I unpicked some and just folded the backing and stitched... couldn't even be bothered wasting bias binding.
I'll take some piccies if the light gets better or if I can bear to look at it again, grrr so annoyed with myself, Well Amelia will enjoy snuggling on xmas eve.

Have you had anything like that ????

I've now cleaned and oiled the machines and put them away for Christmas, I've got a round robin that I really should get onto, (it arrived late) but i've got until the end of the year so I might even get to use the bernina on it :O)
I'm going to have a hard think about what I want to achieve in 2013, need to focus on all aspects of life, quilting, health and looking after my family.

Christmas prep is going really well though and I'm just at the stage of waiting for Friday (haircut for me, School evening show for the kids and us and the start of the holidays) Sat/Sunday shopping and cooking:)
But tonight I iced the cake, ready roll icing as usual except this year the WHITE ready roll icing from Tesco's is looking decidedly off white :(
Oh well, it's dirty snow :) I've forgotten to get decorations for the cake so I stole some off the Christmas tree..

Only 6 more sleeps to go... 

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16 December, 2012

Sunday's chatter

wow, not long to go now, 9 days and counting :)
I'm waiting on one parcel from Amazon and we're ready for Christmas, I marzipanned the cake yesterday, so just to ice in probably next weekend.
Kids teachers pressies are made (I forgot to take pictures DOH !!!) I made them all keyfobs, let the kids choose the colours and the ribbon. Then I've batched made chocolate fudge, normal fudge and chocolate and cranberry fudge, all wrapped up and tied with ribbon ready for the kids to give out tomorrow.
We always tend to give the gifts on the Monday because Wednesday there isn't any school, Friday some of the teachers don't go home and it's the school Christmas fete until Midnight, so we give ours early... I have been caught out in the past will sick kids and had to make a special journey into school just to deliver said gifts...

Last weeks sewing consisted of making this quilt, I've had this panel for DS since he was 4, so 4 years now. He's a bit old for it but I wanted to practice some quilting and as we have a JCB, DH said your never to old for a digger quilt.

I just shoved some borders on and got busy quilting. It's fleece backed and I used YLI quilting thread. I admit, I've sneaked a peek at Angela Walters book that I bought for Christmas and tried the geometric allover pattern.

my DH has made me a speed controller for the frame so you don't have to hold the handles down on the frame (the foot pedal is removed) it's easier to use but another learning curve.
Trying to get an even stitch length is my next challenge. This quilt is now bound and ready to wrap up, I'm going to give it to him on Christmas Eve evening when the tree fairy has delivered their new PJ's :)

I had planned to make Amelia a quick flower fairies quilt, again i've got some panels that I've never used.
This morning, I got up and started sewing the winterkist squares that I won in Monica's giveaway during the summer. Then added some moda and some rectangles, it was to be a tree skirt but Amelia said it was too beautiful to be a skirt and could she have it as a quilt.  (sorry about piccie, its a phone one and it's peeing down with rain so we can't have an outside photo)

 It's not huge about 42" square but she says it's big enough for her. It's on the quilting frame and I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow, I'm just doodling and will try loop and perhaps double loops.

My prize from Fabric shack arrived on Friday, ohhh it's tempting me but not till January :)

Have a Super Sunday :)
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14 December, 2012

hmmm not such a great week

Sometimes you start the week and think everything's going to be great and then wham.... we've had work worries (still not completely resolved but fingers crossed dh will still have a contract on Jan 1st) the oldest kitty has been ill for a few weeks, I've wormed her, fed her all different kinds of food but knew in my heart she had to go to the vets, I went, she had blood tests and she has serious liver failure :( liver's can repair though so she's been on medication, no vomitting for a week which is great news but then tonight :( she's vomitted twice.... the vet's already told me that if the medication didn't work there's nothing else she can do. She's 13.5 and started life as a flat cat before I even met DH, then she moved to a house in Sussex, then over to France, she came with us to Antibes, back to Central France, she's seen kids being born, kittens coming and going :( puppies and dogs.... She's had a great life and I'd rather she just went to sleep sitting in the corner of DH's office but it's unlikely....can everyone please keep their fingers crossed that today's vomitting is just a blip and she'll be fine tomorrow and onwards. She has been so much happier in herself and has been licking the xmas decorations like she has every year and climbed our stairs to get to our bed, she hasn't done that in like 4 years !!!!
I don't think i'm strong enough to go back to the vet's before xmas, I can't say goodbye just yet... selfish I know but while she's eating, purring and wanting cuddles I still have hope :(

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08 December, 2012

Rudolph Lollies

Yesterday I saw missymaccreations had a great tutorial for an easy make which were lollypop nose reindeers, I made one for the kids in the evening and then Amelia suggested we make 30...yes THIRTY for her school.... so being the lovely mummy that I am, I went to the local shop and asked them for 30 red lollies, then I spent the morning cutting out scraps of card, Amelia drew on eyes and together we glitter glued their ears and around the noses.... they sat drying on my quilting frame and then this evening we glued them together.... I seem to have lost a lolly and no-one knows where it's gone, I have my suspicions that a little girl may have eaten it during the making of the lollipops.
Here are the 29 lollies and 1 that I found stashed away for Amelia to take to school.
They look an interesting herd (I checked, it's what a group of reindeer are called lol,) and hopefully the mystery lollipop thief will leave enough to take to school on Monday.

It's been quite a festive day as during the reindeer I cooked a roast turkey dinner lol.

Time for a cuppa and settle down for Come Dancing and Merlin :)

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07 December, 2012

TGIFF and pressies

Today has been a better day,still feel under the weather but have my mojo back, I finished my November bee block, siggie block and it's now ready to be posted tomorrow, was a fairly easy 12 blocks and applique something, I used circles and apologise for the dodgy circles, they looked ok when they were being stitched lol...

Then I decided Amelia needed an apron, I was going to make us matching winterkist ones but a, it's too pale to be used for an apron that's going to get used, dirty and no doubt have grubby hands wiped all over it and b, I don't have enough fabric SO I made myself a full apron (pictures perhaps tomorrow) not Winterkist that match our Christmas placemats and I made Amelia a half apron, one side it sewing/make up/girlie and the other side is pretty butterflies. It's the first time I've made frills

so I'm linking up to TGIFF for the apron finish :)

Then the post man came, we got a letter each from santa, we'd sent him an email earlier in the week and his reply came really quickly, it's a cute service offered by the post office here in France

My Secret Santa came all the way from New Zealand, michells place sent me some lovely gifts, there is some yummy Kiwi material, a cute sign, lovely mag which I'm going to sit and read tonight and a really sweet tin with Hershey Kisses in, let's just say I did share some of them around with the family but alot were consumed before the kids got home.
Thanks to Michell for her thoughtfulness and Suzanne for organising.

My prize from sukie arrived, I sat yesterday and flicked through Mollie makes and ruby star wrapping, have to say the ideas in there are simple and easy but look gorgeous, shame I've wrapped up all my pressies, some birthday ideas too, I may even get round to the tiny bunting to help with the xmas decos.

Tomorrow we're having roast turkey with some of the trimmings lol, fresh turkeys are on promo atm so we're having a trial run, I love Christmas dinner, one of the easiest dinners of the year for me.  Also have the hairy bikers Christmas pudding vodka in the fridge stewing away, here's the recipe if you'd like it, it's great neat or for an awesome cocktail try it with dry fizzy wine... delish and very very naughty for your head the next day :)

So happy Finish it up Friday :)

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06 December, 2012

Santa made a brief appearance

Santa's made a brief appearance here in Rural France :)
He came and took my secret santa gift and it's happily on it's way to recipient.
He also left me with a pressie from DH, it's Swiss and not chocolate, the sweet love has been researching and scheming. 
He knows the Janome has been playing up big time and kept telling me to go and buy a machine, problem is any of the other machine's don't do anything different to the Janome really and the one up from my machine is thousands of £££££'s.
So Phil took it upon himself to buy me a new to me machine anyway...
Here she is, well not this actual one because she's now back in her case and is staying there for another 19 days :) But yes, he bought me a Bernina 730 Record. 
She sews like a dream, I've given her a good oiling, she has her extension table, she has 20 embroidery stitches and drops her feed dogs, speed control and shouldn't ever rust :)  I can't quite believe that my machine which is 47 years old !!! yes 10 years older than me, can sew better than my Janome and the Brother.
I even managed a FM Amelia which I can't do on the other two.
I have been a bit naughty and ordered a 1/4" foot and another one with the guide like the Janome foot, I love the guide one cos it makes it so easy to chain piece accurate 1/4".

So on Boxing day I may be holed up with Berni :)

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02 December, 2012

Sunday Stitching and sad stuff

Yesterday, we went and bought 2 outside Christmas trees, I only wanted one but dh said they were so cheap we'd have 2.  So one is for the outside of the house and the other we're planting.  (we did this the first year we moved to France and the tree is at the other house, god knows how many metres tall and we can't bring it here *sob*)

Anyway, driving out the supermarket car park and I saw out of the corner of my eye a car hit a kitten/small cat.... and bloody drive off !!!! (sorry for swearing but i'm still fuming) the poor thing was jumping up in the air, arching, blood coming out of it's head, a bit like when their playing with a mouse.. :( DH got out the car and went running to it, a fellow brit carried on driving out car park, nearly finishing the cat off and just missed hitting DH in the process... other people just stopped and stared :O( 
It was still alive although obviously not going to survive, but we've had cats run over and we've had cats go missing but we prefer to know what's happened to them even if it is bad iykwim.  It does us in wondering where they are.
So he went knocking on some doors with a dying kitty but no one knew who owned it or even offered to help :(
The vet is just down the road so we drove there to see if she could put him/her out of their misery that much quicker...Saturday lunchtime SHUT !!! So I phoned and explained, oh I'm not near the vet's now.... PFFFF and the poor thing had a pulse but it's eye's were shot, head bashed in, totally not going to recover, so DH just smoothed it and stroked it until it took it's last breath :(
We put it in a bag and left it on the vet's doorstep, she said she'd dispose of it.
So quite a sad Saturday, DH is a right softie and he and I were upset all day :( but we did our best even if it wasn't good enough and someone was loving it and stroking it when it went wherever little kitties go.

I didn't feel upto making the little runner I wanted to make to go on my singer treadle cover, so I got busy this afternoon...feeling like rubbish with a first day of a cold, mindlessly sewing was the answer :)

With a mini charm pack from Katy@imagingermonkey and a jelly roll scrap from Lynne@lilysquilts my hall feels more festive.
I had a go on the Janome with a couple of FMQ Christmas trees, I used an aurifil green variegated.  It's much easier to drawn on my wipeboard/paper than it is on the fabric but it's more adventurous than the stitch in the ditch I was planning.
I've only just noticed this second looking at the post that the last two rows are in the wrong place...oh well too late now lol ;o)

Tomorrow is taken up with taking dh for a hand x-ray and I expect at least one, if not two poorly children home from school with mummy's cold, we're all coughing, spluttering and feel like we've got flu :(  and I might get some hopping done, I believe there's a sewmamasew Giveaway day well actually week starting tomorrow :)  I usually do participate but haven't got the energy to reply to everyone's lovely comments this week so will wait until the next one.
Good luck hopping :)

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November's Fresh Sewing Day

I always feel November is an inbetween month, it's Halloween to Christmas, I'm ready for Christmas now and have no plans for sewing pressies or anything unless I want to :) it's a great feeling....

Here is my November mosaic

I finished the Medley quilt which is now in the lounge being snuggled under, I got the Days of Yore to flimsy stage, made myself a reversible bag which is getting lots of use (might make myself a xmas one next) lots of secret santa stuff, table mats for Christmas and an infinity scarf which I forgot to add to the mosaic.

December will not be so frantic or productive :) Linking up to Lily's Fresh Sewing day :)

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