14 November, 2012


Gosh is it Wednesday already ??? Time's flying in this household

Frelon update :- The firemen don't have a ladder big enough, they can't get the 12 tonne fire engine in our field because its too wet and boggy, so their going back to think about what to do, some ideas included helicopter or shooting the nest down, will let you know !!! certainly a WIP

Sewing, well my hand sewing project is thanks to Lily @ lilysquilts 
I saw this in early summer when I was getting busy with my hexi's

Isn't it yummy... so I decided earlier in the month I needed a new EPP project, I reduced the templates found here to 75% and then you can fit 3 on a charm pack.
I used Mama said Sew and today have this lovely box of lozenges which is about 100 or so lozenges
 I stitched up a block and am thinking perhaps a big long bolster cushion for our bed, I've got enough for another 5 blocks so could be cute.

Have just been emailed to say I've won this lovely Glamping charm pack from my favourite fabric shop Fabric Shack (as I've said before they offer half price international shipping 8$50 for upto 9 yards!!!)

Am linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP

Have a great Wednesday, I'm off to patchwork club and hope to get another block done :)

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  1. I love it! I have been thinking of using my Mama Said Sew Charm packs to make a Weekender bag!

  2. Your 'lozenges' look a great mix of colours!

  3. Very cool. And congrats on the win. Those are so much fun.

  4. Love your EPP and thanks for the tip about the postage.

  5. Great on the winning, love the idea of a glimpsing charm pack.


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