20 November, 2012

Tuesday's thoughts

I was cleaning the kitchen *shock, horror, gasp!!* and saw this coaster.

I cross stitched this for my Step Grandad, well I can't remember how many years ago, I'd think I was probably about 10, so 27 years ago.
He used to drive buses in London, I don't think I ever asked him but I always assumed he drove red buses....lol
It was always on a little table by his chair and when he died, I assumed my Gran would put it away but she never did.  Visitors would use it and it never chipped or discoloured.
When my Gran died in April, I was totally shocked to see it was still as good as new and asked mum if I could have it.

So when I was cleaning it yesterday, I got to thinking....
27 years ago I made this and it's still here, it's crafty and tbh my parent's aren't at all artistic, my aunt sews but mainly clothes,no-one else in my family do much arty things, I loved doing cross stitching and made cards, samplers, pictures, keyrings, loads...all my pocket money was spent in the craft shop or on sweets lol, 
I don't see myself as artistic, can't draw, can't paint, not at all arty with cakes.  Is being a quilter, following a pattern, sewing bits together being artistic, I know many quilters ARE Artistic but they make their own patterns up, not just choose some fabrics and stitch them up.

Are you born artistic ??? My DD loves drawing, colouring, fabric, sizzix and sticking and gluing, I think she's artistic but perhaps she's just a kid that likes colouring.

What do you think ??

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  1. Yes! You are artistic because you create things! You put a little or a lot of yourself in each piece you create! That little piece of cross-stitch told your grandfather he was loved by you! Those are the best pieces of art!

  2. My Mum is totally rubbish at crafty things - although she is trying to cross stitch again...I am not sure I am artistic, but more creative... And definitely interested in learning to be creative. Maybe that is what DD is..

  3. It matters not that you've followed a pattern...it's what you create with the pattern that matters.

    You've made something lovely that will, like the coaster, be treasured.

  4. Well firstly I love your little bus and how lovely to rediscover it again after all those years :-) I think there is a big art v craft debate but you are definitely creative! I can't paint or draw (I wish I could) but I can sew, bake, take photos and write - I won't win prizes for any of them but after thinking for years I wasn't especially creative, I have decided I am!

  5. So cool that you found that coaster again. And to answer your question, yes I am most definitely artistic. Once I learn a new medium it isn't long before my brain starts creating my own designs. The problem? There just isn't enough time in a day.

  6. You are creative you decide what colour fabrics to use how much of one colour in proportion to another it is how you interpret the pattern that gives it your own creativity.

  7. Oh, this is such a great topic! I recently had a coffee with a friend who studied fine arts and used to sell his photographs. He convinced me to label myself as an emerging artist and I really do see his point (after a lot of thinking and trying not to let my confidence - or lack of - get in the way). Yes, even if you follow a pattern you're being creative and artistic, but I think the more you practice the more creative and artistic you become. I prefer to design my own patterns for most things but I think designing a pattern involves such as much in terms of logic and practical skills as it does of creative and artistic flair. I'm looking forward to reading what others have to say :)


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