27 November, 2012

Tuesday Twitterings

It's been a fairly busy week so far,  Did any of you see Kirsty's Vintage home episode, I just happened to have a paper napkin and after pausing the video, made one of these, they would look pretty on the Christmas table, but not sure the kids would be able to unfold them to use before spilling stuff down themselves.

I've also been busy sewing up some bungle jungle charm squares to make a baby car seat cover/quilt for our neighbours, she's due with her 4th child in about 8 weeks (I don't think she'll go that long) so I decided to get on and get it done.  Used a fleece backing for the first time as I didn't want it too heavy.£
It's not huge 25" by about  34" but looks ok size for car seats

Today I was pinning on the binding (the last time using pins cos santa is bringing me 50 wonder clips) but can u notice the problem ???? I only went and sewed it on the fleece side first not the quilt side DOH !!!! teach me for talking to my mum on the phone while pinning and sewing.... and I realised when I came to hand stitch the back, so spent a good hour unpicking and repinning, now I'm back to stage 1 and might get around to sewing it on so I can handstitch it at patchwork club tomorrow... I am however demoing the sizzix to them so may be busy.

I've made some secret santa stuff and some pressies for the kid's teachers and helpers, also going to make them some home made fudge (we don't have fudge here so will be totally new to them) as I've bought cute little bags :O)


  1. I thought about getting up to make a napkin but couldn't get off the couch so stayed put! Glad you made the effort - it looks brill!

  2. I'm doing lemon curd for the neighbours this year, but next year, most definitely fudge!

    Brilliant idea,

    F x

  3. I saw that and made one they are so good We had serviettes the next night with my grandchildren so showed them how to make them Molly (3) carried around and took it to bed. I often use fleece for lap quilts, they work really well and wash a treat.


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