18 November, 2012

Sunday simmerings

Another week over, another week nearer to Christmas and to 2013.

Not been a great week here in the Parsons's Household, car problems, work problems, too many bills, Hornets and I've had raging earache and tooth ache OUCH !!! but my presents are bought and wrapped (paid for too whey hey) and cards written, veggies sorted, just waiting for the Turkey. Shall we have Christmas tomorrow instead ??? I've got to go stalk my secret santa person and get shopping/making for her/him *grin*

My Mojo has left me all week, I've wasted sewing days on wallowing in self pity and researching fleece...sometimes it's such a pain that the nearest fabric shop is 80kms away, if I don't go tomorrow I'm just going to order online.

I love online shopping, most of my Christmas presents have been bought online, toy shops, Amazon, Kiabi (online clothes shop) they had a great sale today, buy one item get 2 free :) so am now waiting for the delivery.

oh and we had a very special offer thanks to Tassimo (the coffee machine makers) buy one of their Bosch machines

 and 5 packs of coffee pods and for yesterday only, they'll reimburse you the price of the machine (I LOVE FRENCH SPECIAL OFFERS) so we got a new coffee machine for just 20E/25$/£16 how fantastic is that.
We did have a Tassimo years ago (DH has it in his workshop now) but it started to leak and the pods were really expensive, so we moved to Senseo which is so much cheaper to buy coffee pads for but the new machine will probably be sitting in the Campervan when we're going off on our holidays or racing we'll be having luxury coffee hehe

Enough waffling, I found these pictures that my DD had snapped while we weren't looking, sums up the good things in our life quite well I thought.

Hasn't my boy got gorgeous eyes, I want his eyelashes !!!! Very unusual for DD to take piccies of Jacques, perhaps it's because he's got Bonnie on his lap.  Her favourite is Sizzle (kitty on the left) we've got 2 others but he and her have a great love in

See my new owl mug, isn't it cute, Amelia desperately wants one, must remember to go pick one up from Santa lol...

Have a great Sunday evening, I've got binding to sew on, pop back tomorrow to see what !!!

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  1. All wrapped and ready? You gotta bottle a little bit of that completedness and sell it Pippa!!! Well done you!!!

  2. I only have bits and pieces that I have see during the summer I have not brought the cards let alone written them. Well done you I wish I was more organised I keep changing my mind about what everyone wants. Love the photo's.

  3. Crikey Pippa, I'm well impressed re Christmas preparations.

    Well played that girl!

  4. good heavens I only just started today... and that is mostly THINKING about what to do and buy xx hope you feel better soon x


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