25 November, 2012

Sizzix Sunday

Yup, the girl decided it was Sizzix day *again* sigh... she cut felt snowflakes, hearts, circles and stars, to put on what I do not know.....

I cut 4 snowflakes out and stitched them onto these placemats, I used a really old ironing mat for the batting and a layer of cotton batting too, so they should be heatproof, not that it matters on our table anyway :O)
On the other side is strips of Mr Claus jelly roll that was in the box of scraps Lynne sent me.  I then just stitched around the edge to give them some definition.....

Least we'll have some nice mats on our Christmas table :)

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  1. Love your mats, I am going to have to make some for us, they look so festive! Hugs x

  2. They are so jolly and festive, and they'll look wonderful with red cadles and some greenery on the Christmas table.

    F x

  3. Those snowflakes are very pretty. An upside to Sizzix Sunday!

  4. Hello Pippa, where did you get your sizzix? Did you order from the UK or US? And which 'bits' would you recommend.....I think I might ask for one for Christmas!


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