17 November, 2012

Send someone a postcard

 I saw this on facebook and I know that not everyone has facebook,so I thought i'd blog about it just in case :)
We're sending our postcard out later

Cate Johnson, a 5 year old kindergarten student at Ecole Marguerite Bourgeoys, in the small village of Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada (45 minutes West of Montreal) has the assignment to collect 100 items by April 2013. Based on the suggestion of Auntie Sherry in Winnipeg, Cate has decided to collect postcards from all over the world. Can you help her out?

As Cate's mom (and as a world traveller) I love this idea! Cate needs to display her project in front of the school and I have decided to pin them all to a world map. I think it's a beautiful way to inspire not only Cate and her little sister, but the kids in the school, to travel and learn about new places and cultures. It's also a good way to show her how people can be brought together for a common cause and that we truly live in a global community where we can have a positive impact on others lives, even if they are strangers and live far away.

I've used a picture of Cate walking to school on her first day, backpack on and head down the road. I hope to see her like this one day in an airport, heading off someplace far and amazing ... :)

Please like Cate's page and spread the word with a SHARE. I'll be updating it periodically to show received postcards too. If you know anyone is a place near or far who wouldn't mind sending a postcard Cate's way, please pass our info along. It's greatly appreciated and we are excited to begin!

I love her mum's dream of seeing Cate going off into the world, let's just send her a bit of our world.
I'm off to football, it's cold but dry, wish me and my boy luck xxx
Super Saturday to you all 

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  1. will be sending her a postcard ... will also get relatives in Australia to join in xx

  2. What a fab idea! I will try to remember to pick up a postcard on my travels today.

  3. Thank you Pippa, Diane and Gertie. This means a lot to Cate! Can't wait to get them. We will be posting pics and thank yous for everyone, if you'd like to follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caties-Global-Postcard-Project/498927190132009 (Or just page name: Catie's Global Postcard Project).
    Thanks again, have a great Saturday! :-) Carla LaBrosse (Cate's Mom)


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