24 November, 2012

Ok I did buy fabric....

Well Black Friday arrived, I was ready at C&T for their 30% off sale,

and this

oh and this jumped into my cart, 30% off and all in ebook form, so no shipping charges... They are going to go on a usb key and DH is keeping it safe for Father Christmas so I can't peak.

Have to say it's quite a complicated download procedure and you have to use Adobe digital which meant I had to install software using windows, which I don't tend to use much....

This was a much easier purchase and was 50% off from Martingale, I have read through this one and there are quite a few quilts I can see in my future, especially as I've made quite a few without borders lately.

Went shopping with my DH and had to go in Fabric shop, I bought some machine needles, some fleece to practise my FMQ on the frame with (see the books lol) and saw this lovely fabric, it's got wool interwoven on and immediately I thought ohhh an infinity scarf but it was 16E a metre !!! luckily I only needed 30cm.

The finished article, (after massive machine problems again (sigh)) and I'm quite sad it's warmed up here and it's too hot to wear it lol :)

Then I went shopping for my Christmas present Fabric.com was calling to me and I managed to get 16 yards of fleece, 4 rolls of Aurifil, pins, marking pencil and for just £70, should keep me going for quite some time (fingers crossed custom's doesn't get me) DH is taking charge of it when it arrives so that I cannot possibly open it before Noel ....

Love Black Friday, the only things I'd like to try now is those clover wonder clips and perhaps a rotating cutting mat, if anyone see's any specials on cyber monday please let me know.

Happy Saturday evening, I'm watching Strictly, Merlin, Casualty and I'm a celebrity lol, action packed evening eh

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  1. Hi Pippa, LOVE the scarf...and you just made me feel much better about my own black Friday indulgences. It's just too hard to resist, isn't it?!!

  2. Sounds like you got some good bargains. Hate customs..... But love Merlin!

  3. That scarf is so gorgeous.
    You are going to have a lot of lovelies on Christmas day xxxx

  4. great scarf what is black friday?


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