30 November, 2012

Oh I wish it was my Secret Santa

Yes, I've been  preparing for my Secret Santa gift to go in the post, It's got a long way to go.  I've really enjoyed buying and planning for it, I've stalked and thought. Here it is all wrapped up, (I do apologise I hate wrapping up and I'm not the neatest) I do wish I could keep it LOL, I'd be thrilled to get it and I hope the recipient is. 
DH has taken some strong hints I think.
There's some typically French stuff in there, hmmm what are the french excellent at making ??? There is also some home made stuff, see the felt basket (I couldn't work out how to wrap it and get the other pressies in) perhaps there may be a little piece of fabric or two.... some xmassy gifts, some off the wall weird stuff...

18 or so bits, I reckon she could use it as her own advent calender lol :) or just rip them all open at once or put it under the tree....Just the card to sort and find the brown tape...and it'll be on it's way.

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  1. I'm itching to have a look and they're not even mine!

    F x

  2. They looked nicely wrapped to me. Lucky lady.

  3. So that lovely packed package is coming my way, right? LOL


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