21 November, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I know we don't have Thanksgiving here in France or UK, we sort of have the Harvest Festival which is the nearest to thanksgiving but it's not the all out weekend like in the US...

but to all my American friends and followers


Oh I can taste the pumpkin pie, the roast turkey, lots of american's have been chatting and sharing recipes on FB and Twitter... I'm JEALOUS !!!!!

But I really do appreciate the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I've semi decided I don't need more fabric (yes I know, shock, horror, gasp) and am going to be looking at books, thread and some nice notions.

I'm actually downloading the first of my Black Friday sales ebook, I bought Skip The Borders, which I've been looking at for agesssssssssssss but it's 50% off with Martingale so what's a girl to do, for 8$40 !!!!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, I'm either stuck at home with a kid with a tummy bug (am hoping he recovers overnight) or am studying and going off to French lessons, not sure which I prefer LOL

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  1. Bon courage for either, but hope tummy bug sufferer is soon well.


  2. I'm envious of the big meal and family get together thing but we have so many holidays here, if we had another one the shops would never be open! I'm sitting on my hands at the moment - will I be able to resist the sales??


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