11 November, 2012

Asiatique frelon anyone or Asian Hornets???

Not much sewing at all this week due to it being the school holidays, roll on Monday.  I was planning a sewing Sunday but we're expecting the pompiers (firemen) ahhh the joys of rural life.

We *seem* to have a asian hornet's nest in one of our trees at the bottom of the garden. A neighbour spotted it and phoned the firemen but then I had to phone because it's on our land. We can't really tell how big the nest is, size of a big black bin bag we think, the Hornet's can pack a nasty sting and a man died last week when he went into shock after being stung a few times. They originally came to France on a boat with some pottery in 2008/2009 and have slowly spread in the south west and Dordogne region, we haven't had many where we are but...sod's law looks like we've got a nest *sigh*
So they'll be lots of pompiers, breathing apparatus and the problem is they need to find a ladder tall enough to get to the top of the tree, oh excitement.  We'll probably end up being a statistic and maybe even a mention in the local paper, will let you know :)
I did get a hour or so to get on with my Quilt you be mine round robin and we're allowed to show sneak peeks, here's mine ready to be sent onto the next person tomorrow. Yes of course I had to disguise it :)

I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here starts tonight, so I won't be doing much sewing unless it's of the hand variety for the next few weeks lol :)
Perhaps they could eat one of our asian hornets ???

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  1. I think sapeurs pompiers has to be one of my favourite French words! Along with moissoneuse batteuse.

  2. That looks scary! (The hornet, not the quilt!) Hope it all goes ok, and they get all of them.

  3. Oh hornets are nasty little buggers. See if the nice pompiers can give you a measurement on that nest. It looks huge.

  4. Oh! You keep them up there we don't want them (I mean the hornets not the pompiers) :-) That nest certainly looks big. Hope you got them sorted, hate any hornets Asian or otherwise!

  5. Oh a garden full of pompiers! you lucky girl you

  6. Be careful Pippa! That doesn't sound very nice to be around. I can't believe you're done with your Quilt U B Mine. I'm still thinking... I LOVE my key fob! Thank you so very much!

  7. No fun. I hope they solve the problem quickly.

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