30 November, 2012

Oh I wish it was my Secret Santa

Yes, I've been  preparing for my Secret Santa gift to go in the post, It's got a long way to go.  I've really enjoyed buying and planning for it, I've stalked and thought. Here it is all wrapped up, (I do apologise I hate wrapping up and I'm not the neatest) I do wish I could keep it LOL, I'd be thrilled to get it and I hope the recipient is. 
DH has taken some strong hints I think.
There's some typically French stuff in there, hmmm what are the french excellent at making ??? There is also some home made stuff, see the felt basket (I couldn't work out how to wrap it and get the other pressies in) perhaps there may be a little piece of fabric or two.... some xmassy gifts, some off the wall weird stuff...

18 or so bits, I reckon she could use it as her own advent calender lol :) or just rip them all open at once or put it under the tree....Just the card to sort and find the brown tape...and it'll be on it's way.

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27 November, 2012

Tuesday Twitterings

It's been a fairly busy week so far,  Did any of you see Kirsty's Vintage home episode, I just happened to have a paper napkin and after pausing the video, made one of these, they would look pretty on the Christmas table, but not sure the kids would be able to unfold them to use before spilling stuff down themselves.

I've also been busy sewing up some bungle jungle charm squares to make a baby car seat cover/quilt for our neighbours, she's due with her 4th child in about 8 weeks (I don't think she'll go that long) so I decided to get on and get it done.  Used a fleece backing for the first time as I didn't want it too heavy.£
It's not huge 25" by about  34" but looks ok size for car seats

Today I was pinning on the binding (the last time using pins cos santa is bringing me 50 wonder clips) but can u notice the problem ???? I only went and sewed it on the fleece side first not the quilt side DOH !!!! teach me for talking to my mum on the phone while pinning and sewing.... and I realised when I came to hand stitch the back, so spent a good hour unpicking and repinning, now I'm back to stage 1 and might get around to sewing it on so I can handstitch it at patchwork club tomorrow... I am however demoing the sizzix to them so may be busy.

I've made some secret santa stuff and some pressies for the kid's teachers and helpers, also going to make them some home made fudge (we don't have fudge here so will be totally new to them) as I've bought cute little bags :O)

25 November, 2012

Sizzix Sunday

Yup, the girl decided it was Sizzix day *again* sigh... she cut felt snowflakes, hearts, circles and stars, to put on what I do not know.....

I cut 4 snowflakes out and stitched them onto these placemats, I used a really old ironing mat for the batting and a layer of cotton batting too, so they should be heatproof, not that it matters on our table anyway :O)
On the other side is strips of Mr Claus jelly roll that was in the box of scraps Lynne sent me.  I then just stitched around the edge to give them some definition.....

Least we'll have some nice mats on our Christmas table :)

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24 November, 2012

Ok I did buy fabric....

Well Black Friday arrived, I was ready at C&T for their 30% off sale,

and this

oh and this jumped into my cart, 30% off and all in ebook form, so no shipping charges... They are going to go on a usb key and DH is keeping it safe for Father Christmas so I can't peak.

Have to say it's quite a complicated download procedure and you have to use Adobe digital which meant I had to install software using windows, which I don't tend to use much....

This was a much easier purchase and was 50% off from Martingale, I have read through this one and there are quite a few quilts I can see in my future, especially as I've made quite a few without borders lately.

Went shopping with my DH and had to go in Fabric shop, I bought some machine needles, some fleece to practise my FMQ on the frame with (see the books lol) and saw this lovely fabric, it's got wool interwoven on and immediately I thought ohhh an infinity scarf but it was 16E a metre !!! luckily I only needed 30cm.

The finished article, (after massive machine problems again (sigh)) and I'm quite sad it's warmed up here and it's too hot to wear it lol :)

Then I went shopping for my Christmas present Fabric.com was calling to me and I managed to get 16 yards of fleece, 4 rolls of Aurifil, pins, marking pencil and for just £70, should keep me going for quite some time (fingers crossed custom's doesn't get me) DH is taking charge of it when it arrives so that I cannot possibly open it before Noel ....

Love Black Friday, the only things I'd like to try now is those clover wonder clips and perhaps a rotating cutting mat, if anyone see's any specials on cyber monday please let me know.

Happy Saturday evening, I'm watching Strictly, Merlin, Casualty and I'm a celebrity lol, action packed evening eh

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Christmas Quilt Show

My 2012 Holiday Medley Quilt
Stitchery started in 2011 finished in 2012
Yo Yo Tree 2011
Twister Wreath made in 2011

Twister 2011

Snowman stitchery 2011 (I think)

Corrr Think this one was made in 2006

Made for my mum in 2005/6 and it's my favourite Christmas quilt

I always seem to have lots of quilts and wallhangings to get out for Christmas,my favourite is the one I made for mum when I'd just started with patchwork, I still love it now and it has gorgeous poinsettia's and lots of gold.
Last year was twister phase, so easy and such fun and my first go at FMQ on the frame.
If I get chance this year I'm going to try and get a Christmas tree one done, I think I've left it a bit late LOL but this year's addition is the Holiday Medley quilt.  I'm not getting my tree out this year until at least the 16th, probably the weekend after because with 3 cats and the puppy, it isn't likely to stay up much...but I think I may be tempted to get the quilts out before :)
I'm entering this post in

2012 Christmas Quilt Show  

I'm not expecting to win anything because there are some truly awesome quilts entered, Don't you just love Rudolph stitch in therapy I'm just in it because I love Christmas quilting :)
although voting is on the 3rd/4th December should you wish to vote.

Happy Saturday, :)
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21 November, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I know we don't have Thanksgiving here in France or UK, we sort of have the Harvest Festival which is the nearest to thanksgiving but it's not the all out weekend like in the US...

but to all my American friends and followers


Oh I can taste the pumpkin pie, the roast turkey, lots of american's have been chatting and sharing recipes on FB and Twitter... I'm JEALOUS !!!!!

But I really do appreciate the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I've semi decided I don't need more fabric (yes I know, shock, horror, gasp) and am going to be looking at books, thread and some nice notions.

I'm actually downloading the first of my Black Friday sales ebook, I bought Skip The Borders, which I've been looking at for agesssssssssssss but it's 50% off with Martingale so what's a girl to do, for 8$40 !!!!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, I'm either stuck at home with a kid with a tummy bug (am hoping he recovers overnight) or am studying and going off to French lessons, not sure which I prefer LOL

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20 November, 2012

Tuesday's thoughts

I was cleaning the kitchen *shock, horror, gasp!!* and saw this coaster.

I cross stitched this for my Step Grandad, well I can't remember how many years ago, I'd think I was probably about 10, so 27 years ago.
He used to drive buses in London, I don't think I ever asked him but I always assumed he drove red buses....lol
It was always on a little table by his chair and when he died, I assumed my Gran would put it away but she never did.  Visitors would use it and it never chipped or discoloured.
When my Gran died in April, I was totally shocked to see it was still as good as new and asked mum if I could have it.

So when I was cleaning it yesterday, I got to thinking....
27 years ago I made this and it's still here, it's crafty and tbh my parent's aren't at all artistic, my aunt sews but mainly clothes,no-one else in my family do much arty things, I loved doing cross stitching and made cards, samplers, pictures, keyrings, loads...all my pocket money was spent in the craft shop or on sweets lol, 
I don't see myself as artistic, can't draw, can't paint, not at all arty with cakes.  Is being a quilter, following a pattern, sewing bits together being artistic, I know many quilters ARE Artistic but they make their own patterns up, not just choose some fabrics and stitch them up.

Are you born artistic ??? My DD loves drawing, colouring, fabric, sizzix and sticking and gluing, I think she's artistic but perhaps she's just a kid that likes colouring.

What do you think ??

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19 November, 2012

Happy Sizzix day

Oh it is a lovely post day today, I tried a new supplier of sizzix dies.
I looked on ebay because I wanted the sizzix snowflake die that  Laura used in her Mollie Makes Christmas special for placemats and also for the kids to make card decorations for the tree. The Die wasn't for sale on Sizzix UK anymore.

I emailed what fun is this and she could send me 5 dies for a 18$ postage :O) and look what arrived today.
Please go and check out her ebay shop  What fun is this

 She packaged it up and it looked so lovely, included a free embossing folder as a gift, I love a good freebie and it always encourages me to buy again, especially with wrapping too...

So for 62$, 39£ or 48E I got :-
656524 Pinwheel die (for the kids to make cute pinwheels to play with)
657055 Snowflake as seen on Laura's Mollie Makes (great size for applique and the kids will cut them out for the tree)
656355 Turtle, have you seen how cute that one is, think it may make an appearance somewhere, it's smaller than the owl one 
656204 Cupcake, ohh this is going to come in useful with Amelia 
and finally, 
the one that's getting an outing this afternoon 657057 Tag, I'm making card tags for the pressies :O) Gift tags are really expensive over here and tbh quite rubbish so I'm making my own and for 7E the die cost, I can buy like 20 tags maximum, whereas I can make tags for the next 10 years probably lol...

I so love my sizzix, definitely the best investment for quilting and household I've made in the last few years.

They've got a quilting blog hop this week, go check out Sizzix because there are some giveaways and some fantastic bloggers

Monday 19th November - Angela Southey
Tuesday 20th November - Tacha Bruecher/Fat Quarterly
Wednesday 21st November - Katy Jones
Thursday 22nd November - Hadley Gordon
Friday 23rd November - Lynne Goldsworthy
                          Saturday 24th November - Lory Bucaria

EDITED :- After about an hour of cutting, look what I've come up with, love the gift tags but need to buy some Christmas card and the kids will be thrilled with the pinwheels :)
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Modern Round Robin Reveal

It's the final reveal time :) 

We started back in March and every month (with some delays) we've had a max of a 2.5" border to add onto someone's round robin, it's all been top secret and I got mine back late October.....

It's sat around waiting for quilting inspiration and I've been talking to lots of frame quilters and picking brains (thanks trudi) and was told, practice, practice, practice and slower speed. (DH is making me a speed regulator but in the meantime I just didn't hold the handle as tight)
So this afternoon (better late than never eh) I got out the wipeboard and pen, sat for an hour drawing stars, swirly things and then got busy on the frame.
I'm quite pleased with my bricks, my stars at the end, loops seem ok, I'm getting there, slowly but surely, it sure isn't easy though BUT I've finished quilting my mini :)
Hoping to get a better picture tomorrow, once the binding is actually stitched on the back (excuse pin piccies) and it's been ironed and photo's in daylight.

Please go and check out the other lovely quilt's, we're a big bunch so should keep you busy :)

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Michele - Quilts From My Crayon Box

And thanks to Michele for organising it and continuing to nag us into keeping to timescales :O) I'm hoping the Quilt u be mine will be just as fun.

Happy Monday
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18 November, 2012

Sunday simmerings

Another week over, another week nearer to Christmas and to 2013.

Not been a great week here in the Parsons's Household, car problems, work problems, too many bills, Hornets and I've had raging earache and tooth ache OUCH !!! but my presents are bought and wrapped (paid for too whey hey) and cards written, veggies sorted, just waiting for the Turkey. Shall we have Christmas tomorrow instead ??? I've got to go stalk my secret santa person and get shopping/making for her/him *grin*

My Mojo has left me all week, I've wasted sewing days on wallowing in self pity and researching fleece...sometimes it's such a pain that the nearest fabric shop is 80kms away, if I don't go tomorrow I'm just going to order online.

I love online shopping, most of my Christmas presents have been bought online, toy shops, Amazon, Kiabi (online clothes shop) they had a great sale today, buy one item get 2 free :) so am now waiting for the delivery.

oh and we had a very special offer thanks to Tassimo (the coffee machine makers) buy one of their Bosch machines

 and 5 packs of coffee pods and for yesterday only, they'll reimburse you the price of the machine (I LOVE FRENCH SPECIAL OFFERS) so we got a new coffee machine for just 20E/25$/£16 how fantastic is that.
We did have a Tassimo years ago (DH has it in his workshop now) but it started to leak and the pods were really expensive, so we moved to Senseo which is so much cheaper to buy coffee pads for but the new machine will probably be sitting in the Campervan when we're going off on our holidays or racing we'll be having luxury coffee hehe

Enough waffling, I found these pictures that my DD had snapped while we weren't looking, sums up the good things in our life quite well I thought.

Hasn't my boy got gorgeous eyes, I want his eyelashes !!!! Very unusual for DD to take piccies of Jacques, perhaps it's because he's got Bonnie on his lap.  Her favourite is Sizzle (kitty on the left) we've got 2 others but he and her have a great love in

See my new owl mug, isn't it cute, Amelia desperately wants one, must remember to go pick one up from Santa lol...

Have a great Sunday evening, I've got binding to sew on, pop back tomorrow to see what !!!

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17 November, 2012

Send someone a postcard

 I saw this on facebook and I know that not everyone has facebook,so I thought i'd blog about it just in case :)
We're sending our postcard out later

Cate Johnson, a 5 year old kindergarten student at Ecole Marguerite Bourgeoys, in the small village of Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada (45 minutes West of Montreal) has the assignment to collect 100 items by April 2013. Based on the suggestion of Auntie Sherry in Winnipeg, Cate has decided to collect postcards from all over the world. Can you help her out?

As Cate's mom (and as a world traveller) I love this idea! Cate needs to display her project in front of the school and I have decided to pin them all to a world map. I think it's a beautiful way to inspire not only Cate and her little sister, but the kids in the school, to travel and learn about new places and cultures. It's also a good way to show her how people can be brought together for a common cause and that we truly live in a global community where we can have a positive impact on others lives, even if they are strangers and live far away.

I've used a picture of Cate walking to school on her first day, backpack on and head down the road. I hope to see her like this one day in an airport, heading off someplace far and amazing ... :)

Please like Cate's page and spread the word with a SHARE. I'll be updating it periodically to show received postcards too. If you know anyone is a place near or far who wouldn't mind sending a postcard Cate's way, please pass our info along. It's greatly appreciated and we are excited to begin!

I love her mum's dream of seeing Cate going off into the world, let's just send her a bit of our world.
I'm off to football, it's cold but dry, wish me and my boy luck xxx
Super Saturday to you all 

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14 November, 2012


Gosh is it Wednesday already ??? Time's flying in this household

Frelon update :- The firemen don't have a ladder big enough, they can't get the 12 tonne fire engine in our field because its too wet and boggy, so their going back to think about what to do, some ideas included helicopter or shooting the nest down, will let you know !!! certainly a WIP

Sewing, well my hand sewing project is thanks to Lily @ lilysquilts 
I saw this in early summer when I was getting busy with my hexi's

Isn't it yummy... so I decided earlier in the month I needed a new EPP project, I reduced the templates found here to 75% and then you can fit 3 on a charm pack.
I used Mama said Sew and today have this lovely box of lozenges which is about 100 or so lozenges
 I stitched up a block and am thinking perhaps a big long bolster cushion for our bed, I've got enough for another 5 blocks so could be cute.

Have just been emailed to say I've won this lovely Glamping charm pack from my favourite fabric shop Fabric Shack (as I've said before they offer half price international shipping 8$50 for upto 9 yards!!!)

Am linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP

Have a great Wednesday, I'm off to patchwork club and hope to get another block done :)

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