24 October, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Following on from yesterday's catch up, I've got nothing new to show, the kids don't have school on Wednesday's so it's generally a day of shouting, feeding, getting kids to football and tonight an unexpected trip to the garage.

But.... here is my starter block for the Quilt U Be Mine round robin

It's a cute little stitchery, reminded me of my two little angels NOT !!! (the Janome was playing nicely the other day) with a border to make it the required size.  It now gets sent off and someone has to add two borders to it, get's sent to someone else for 2 borders and it should come back to me for Valentines, it doesn't need to be lovey dovey but the main colours red/pink...
Here's my yummy postie arrivals from yesterday

and lots of webbing and ribbons to make some key fobs for Christmas and quick gifts

My new ironing board cover, isn't it yummy, I'm almost frightened to iron on it incase I spoil a funky flower

oh and look what arrived, I bought a scrap box from Lynne@lilysquilts and it was sent to my aunt, my uncle arrived this morning with this box of delights, I've just spent an hour sorting through it all and there are lots of lovely fabrics, so I've got squares to cut, some strips, hexis... wonder if my girl will help during the holidays
Being Wednesday, stroppy madam gets the sizzix out and the dies and cuts circles and hearts from felt, she also swiped my friskars super sharp scissors only to be replaced rapidly by mean mummy with the purple papery cutting scissors lol...

And finally, the pot holder that was started on Retreat, actually got pieced on retreat has finally been quilted and bound.  I started a crafsty course on Machine quilting and since I was waiting for the  Janome's new bobbin case to arrive, I got the Brother PQ1500 off the frame and had a practice stitching freehand circles with the walking foot, I've never really bothered before but I quite like the effect, each are approx 1/4" apart.  I have decided that I love the Janome for it's adjustable needle which the brother doesn't have.... so it's gone back on it's frame and the Janome is back in it's true home (along with a new bobbin case and it now seems to be sewing straight again)

Tomorrow it's Medley quilt cos I've called off my french lesson, I seem to have caught the feeling unwell, achey, tired, flu type bug and have a raging sore throat so best to stay at home and sew eh :)

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  1. Someone elses scraps are just so much more fun - I had a box recently and had hours of fun sorting them and have actually used them too!

  2. I love the idea of your round robin stitchery - what an amazing quilt to receive around Valentines. Enjoy your happy mail.

  3. Aha the round robin is a great idea.
    Wow those scraps look positively amazing. Are you in the scrappy swap? you definitely should be with those to chose from.
    Love all your post goodies.

  4. Goodies in the post. Goodies in a bow and a round robin brilliant.


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