01 October, 2012

Where did September go ???

Lily's Quilts

September sped away from me, as you can see not much got done, I cut and swopped lots of 2.5" squares for the #vomit quilt, only managed to get 2 blocks made.  I made a puppy pillow and a vintage modern was to be a puppy pillow but it's too scrummy so is now a girlie pillow for watching tv with.  I became a pattern tester and paperpieced the cute owl, appliqued a sizzix owl and made a double sided cushion.
Completed 2 bee blocks and a charity block...and made some silly felt pincushion at patchwork.

Not too much achieved, lots of time in the last week spent on puppy training, taking outside for pee's, cleaning up accidents and generally cuddling Bonnie and now my machine is poorly :O(
I've cleaned it out and have ordered new bobbin case, bobbin's and feed dogs, fingers crossed that'll solve the stitching problem and give me back my lovely machine. 

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly each month speeds by?!?
    Wishing you lots of sewing time and a cooperative machine!

  2. I do agree time flies. I sometimes wish I could stop time.


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