25 October, 2012

Ta DA !!!!!

Super constructive day in front of the sewing machine, which is working like a dream and sewing straight with no tension problems (touch wood)

A Round Robin finished and shipped to it's final destination :)

My Sew Mama Sew inspired key fob, I started sewing the petals last night and finished it off first thing this morning. It's already gone in the post :)

For the Sew Euro-Bee-an October block we had to make (I hope, not 100% sure at the moment) a strip and whack kind of block.

I really really enjoyed making these, some of them were scraps from Lynne's magic box, some were my scraps and yardage was cut into.

All of my sewing commitments are done now until the end of the month lol, I'm expecting the valentines round robin and I expect November block for the bee...
Tomorrow is Medley day :) and don't forget tomorrow is last day to enter Anniversary giveaway

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  1. So nice to have some productive sewing time isn't it!

    Love the key chain and the Bee blocks! (Great colours!)

  2. Wonderful key fob and block!.

  3. Can't wait to see all the great round robin minis in a few weeks.

  4. I still need to get my package for the October block - yours look great! The fob is lovely too - I 'need' some of that fabric!


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