16 October, 2012

Must stop buying

All these people are out there tempting me, I really really have to stop, I've spent far too much in the last 2 days.

I need Aurifil to finish my quilting, so ordered ohhh 3 big spools and then 5 little spools jumped in my basket too, the shipping price wasn't anymore, so what's a girl to do :O)

Then I saw a post on dandelion daydreams for some really cute key fobs and I need to make some quick and easy pressies...so ebay for keyring hardware, then ebay again for all different webbing colours and then lots of little ribbon jumped in too... feeling guilty enough

Pink Castle Fabrics is moving to a bricks and mortar store and luckily for us, rather than lug all the fabric their giving us all 25% off EVERYTHING just use MOVING as the code :)

I need some of these yummy chairs for, oh I don't know #vomit quilt and a pouch perhaps
Bar code fabric because it rocks, perhaps for a cushion border or perhaps would make nice binding...
ohh I love this bunting, pouch, bag,
how can these dresses be left in the store ??? I won't ever get anywhere near that size so I can dream
cos It jumped in my cart and then Katy said she'd bought some and it was yummier in the flesh
this i've been wanting for a while, I've bought Amelia a sewing machine for Xmas and I think this might make a cute pouch or bag for the scissors, pincushion and bits I need to buy next.

Mama said sew charm pack, cos well why not, 25% off and perhaps a nice sewing room wall hanging

So I'm on a stop for any type of buying now, it's an expensive month with lots of taxes and bills popping through the post :(

It's my blogiversary tomorrow and if you return on Friday there is going to be a great giveaway, let's just say I have my first sponsor :O) She went to Fat Quarterly Retreat with a baby, she's lovely, she's cute, she's a great mum, oh and she now owns Simply Solids. Yup Justine is helping me with my giveaway

I'm going to think of something else for those International peeps who would prefer a US shop but that takes time and i'm short on it atm. I'm birthday cake making tomorrow and then it's my Daughter's 5th birthday, time sure does fly :)

Have a great night and go pop by Pink Castle and Simply Solids :O)


  1. Oh all the pretty fabrics - it's just so tempting isn't it!

    Hope your daughter has a fab birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter and Happy Blogiversary to you. Nice fabric...a great blogiversary gift for yourself. Thanks for sharing your fabric buys...enjoy!

  3. I'm trying hard to resist Pink Castle fabrics, and your post doean't help lady!!!

  4. I know what you mean about spending too much lately. The temptations are too many and very strong. Enjoy the birthday partying.


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