06 October, 2012

I've got a golden ticket

although trying to get it was like something out of the carry on films,

First, was woken up very early by poorly puppy with diarrhoea, then sat knitting...only to realise I was late getting the kids up for football, as I shouted up the stairs, the wood man came with our first of 4 wood deliveries... 

Am I too early he asks, when he see's me in my dressing gown (thank god) it was only 8.30am on a Saturday morning, poor dh went to bed at 3am and came down the stairs not even knowing where he was.  I had to get the boy to football, luckily a kind soul offered to take him for me but I was to collect him at 12. (11uk time)

Ok, that's fine, an hour before the tickets go on sale, so 11.45 I sat the laptop up, had the page open and was ready. Went to pick the boy up....and sat there for an hour !!!!! Was tweeting and Lynne kept posting, tickets on sale soon, people were *we're waiting for 12* I'm panicking.... 
so phoned DH, no I can't be at computer cos the wood man needs paying ARGHHHH

Boy arrives, man apologises he went to get petrol WTF...did he not realise I needed to be at home.  So super speedy breaking the limit *opps* got home in 5 minutes instead of the usual 10, turned into the road 

The old woman who lives at the very top of the road had broken down and was blocking the road, it was like something out of a carry on film, I helped push the car  as quick as I could, the french women offering me long winded thank you's, I jumped back in the car and down the road,  ran in and DH had managed to put it in the basket ready to pay.... wow *deep breath*

And here it is :)  Why the panic you ask, well I don't know and I honestly can't see the tickets selling out this weekend but there was so much hype and so many people saying they were gonna be sat at pcs at 12, I didn't want to miss it LOL...

Now 37 weeks of waiting, planning, dieting to come :) I can't wait to meet so many familiar faces and new ones, hopefully learn new stuff and please, this year can someone teach me how to square a block up properly !!!!

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  1. gave me a laugh to imagine your efforts xx

  2. Had a giggle reading through your eventful morning!!
    Hopefully getting to the retreat will be a bit easier - and thank you so much for inviting me to be your roomie!! It's going to be so much fun!!
    It's been such a lovely day today and even got a bit of sewing done as well!!

  3. Lol, I hope your trip to get to London in July is less eventful!

  4. Life's never boring in your patch is it! Thanks for the laugh. Look forward to seeing you again.

  5. Very funny - so glad you got your ticket!

  6. I saw that post when the tickets became available and thought of you. I'm jealous but I know you will have a great time.

  7. Phew! At least you got it!

  8. That sounds like fate was trying to stop you there for a while! I got my ticket too, I can't wait- brilliant that you're counting down the weeks already! I'm just checking you out from the fresh sewing day blogs from Lily's after visitng all of the small blogs in the last week! looking forward to seeing you at the retreat next year. Ange x

  9. Me too me too! Hopefully see you there x


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