31 October, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, we usually do get our costumes out and we have been trick or treating even in France which isn't that usual.
Past outfits have included :-

This year's outfits, well let's just say they didn't want the normal, we weren't even going to go and so had no outfits at 11am and by 3pm we were :-

 A witch in her cape, with stripey socks and witchy boots
(I was the only mum to bother dressing up at all)
 Jacques was a little red devil, his dad made the pitchfork and I made him a fabric devil's tail which had wire in so was bent and he could move it up and down on a piece of thread, waving it around :)
 Amelia was a bunny rabbit, a shower scrunchy makes a fantastic bob tail :)

During the Halloween meeting we made these cute little spiders, then we went on a treasure hunt and had an afternoon snack of pancakes with chocolate spread, jam or sugar and a big bag of sweeties... we came home to home made Tomato soup or witches stock :)

Have a great evening :)

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