09 October, 2012

Finish a long 4th quarter

Wow, can hardly believe it's time for the 4th quarter finish a long hosted by Rhonda@Quilter in the gap

I forgot to link up to the 3rd quarter, think I may have been on holiday which was probably just as well because I don't think I actually finished anything....

On my list for Oct-End of the year is :-

Hexi globe, I've semi decided to just quilt it as it is, no border, I'm worried a border is going to detract from the actual globe.  Quilting design is causing me a headache now

Chevron quilt It needs backing, quilting and binding. I'm probably just going to meander it using the frame or perhaps some straight line quilting, need to order some thread.

 Fat Quarterly Christmas placemat lol, literally this is in exactly the same state as it was when I left the retreat, it needs backing, quilting and binding, sometime in the next 2 weeks so it can go in my mum's pressie box :)

 Finally, my Autumn felt wreath it needs some hand stitching, filling and blanket stitching to finish it.  

There are also lots of other bits I want to get on with and finish but are probably unlikely to, I want to make some Christmas placemats using the mini charm hexagon flowers that I made, get on with the dragon and scrap vomit quilt :)
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  1. That Globe is AMAZING!

  2. Good luck getting them all finished.

  3. Did you use Geta's pattern for the hexi globe? It looks awesome! Can't wait to see how you'll finish it! :) Straight line stitching would look awesome on the chevron quilt! Exciting projects :)


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