14 October, 2012

Days of Yore....or should it be yawn...

The day dawned very early this morning, once again bonnie the pup woke me up at 6.40 *eek* so with coffee in hand I started to sew..... and sew...and sew....and eleven hours later I've pieced the Days of Yore quilt. You do not want to see the state of my floors, the family did get fed and washing was done but not much else.
I bought the pattern from Whistlepig Creek via Crafsty. I love the dragons, the colours, the black and all the family adore it all... lol, the fabric was from fabricshack my very favourite US fabric store and they offer half price international shipping for $8 it's so hard to say no :) I did change the pinwheels because we didn't want a girl quilt and added in the yellow bits of dragons, this is what it's supposed to look like.

The quilt needs a damn good iron before I get onto attempting the  borders, it has a small 1.5" border and then a 8 inch big dragon border, which is mitred.
Can anyone help me with this, the pattern instructions were great all the way though but truly suck when it comes to the border, it says leave 1/4 inch at beginning at end and then mitre final border... WTF !!!!
so any help or tutorial pointing would be great thanks.

It's a rubbish piccie cos it's literally just push pinned on the wall and I've hidden the camera from the puppy and can't remember where i've put it so it's my phone piccie.

So for this quilt, I've used the Sizzix for cutting the 1.5" and 2.5" strips (lucky sizing eh, I love the bigshot for saving me border cutting alone)
It's pieced with Aurifil 50wt and I'll probably quilt it in monofiliment in a smoky...I can't see what else I can quilt it with, any ideas for patterns...will have to be on the frame and I'm only confident with meandering.
Finally, I'm thinking black batting, has anyone used it, does it make such a difference, I really don't want it spoilt with white bits showing through.

Tomorrow, I'll be needing a crane to winch me out of bed, my back is killing me already lol....

 Have a good sunday, i'm off to watch Downton Abbey :)

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  1. Well done what a brilliant day quilting. A friend of mine has used the black wadding and it looks good. Poppy is nearly 7 and she still comes up stairs around 6 30 and sits by the side of my bed just looking at me until I wake up. I no longer need an alarm clock.

  2. Very cool. I have no suggestions but will be interested to see it all completed.

  3. P.S. Aleve works wonders, especially if you take it before one of those marathon days.


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