30 October, 2012

Days of Yore flimsy finish

The first time ever i've bought the exact fabric (well actually I'm telling a fib, i changed the pinwheel colours and put the yellow dragon blocks instead of black dragon blocks) and the pattern, I love Whistlepig Creek  stuff, the cat's are too cute. It was pieced with Aurifil 50wt in light grey and black in places lol...

I am thrilled with it, lots of challenges especially the mitred border, which was a first for me but with lots of twitter encouragement I managed it and actually really do like them and they were quite easy in the end.

The wall isn't big enough so we had to resort to the kids swing/slide and DH is hiding around the back and it looks like he was holding it on a border edge, there is a border on the right hand side lol :)

Yes you may notice there is a selvedge on the bottom, I had to leave it on otherwise when I bind it you lose the very bottom edge border which I didn't want to do.
It's a huge 86" square and I needed 8 yards for the backing, so instead I've bought a 100% cotton sheet, here in France
It's as bright as the quilt top so I think it'll go down very well in this family.

I'm not sure how to quilt it, any ideas ??? I thought a meander in variegated thread but it'll mean quilting over the dragons, I can't really leave them out, perhaps a large meander won't notice.
Another thought was monofilament thread but not sure how that works on the frame.

Have ordered black 80/20 batting and DH will move the frame into the lounge for me, it just fits in the sewing room but I really don't want to muck this one up.

So while waiting for deliveries, I'm going to start a christmas stitchery and try and load the Christmas top on the frame and get busy with that one.

Can see lots of hand sewing of binding for me in December ;o) but hopefully might get 3 quilt finishes WOOOHOOO !!!
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  1. A huge, great and colourful finish Pippa! Good luck with the binding!

  2. It's wonderful. Couldn't you use a black/purple variegated thread, but not quilt the centre block, or the yellow ones. You could stitch in the ditch round those blocks with the mono filament on the Janome.

  3. I love that!! So bright and happy!

  4. Oh my goodness, that quilt is beyond fun! My kids would fight over it everyday. And I think that sheet will be a happy addition :-)

  5. A bright happy quilt. The sheet will look brilliant for the backing. The quilting, I don't know. I usually spend time on the sofa with a quilt waiting to be quilting. After a while something strikes me!


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