23 October, 2012

Catch up

It's that time of the week, i've been fairly busy over the weekend. Do you remember my Holiday Medley fabric that I won, well I don't need another wall hanging and wanted a smallish lap quilt for when the kids want to watch tv over Christmas. I'm adapting the Fat Quarterly Cub quilt that Quilt dad made, it's slightly wider and coming together nicely. It's all cut out, blocks made up, the kids and I scrabbled on the floor and arranged it and it's now waiting to be ironed and sewn into rows and then flimsy.

I actually have got my large ironing board out of storage (it's sat there for 4 years) and bought a cover and have recovered it ready to iron this one and the hugeeeeeeeeeeee Dragon quilt.

Piccies of Medley hopefully tomorrow :O)

Oh look what the lovely postie delivered to me, yummy, yummy in my tummy :-

Friday I made a noodlehead wide bottomed pouch (well attempted it) it came together fairly well except next time I need longer zips. This is a pressie for my mum so shhhhh...it's filled with nice little goodies for Christmas

Have you seen these lovely little key fobs's, Liz of Dandelion Dreams ran a tutorial on them, I've made two without the flowers as test's for the kids and I'm planning a Mama said sew one to send with the final Round Robin border which needs to go in the post by Friday at the latest.

wow, what else have I been upto, ohhh I made and mailed another block which i'll show tomorrow and I've quilted the placemat I made at Fat Quarterly and am currently sewing on the binding.

Things, namely kids, husband and animals have been taking up my time, Bonnie is doing well and allowed outside on the lead so we've been having lots of short walks (labs only allowed 5mins for each month, so 15 mins max)  and our oldest cat Daisy, is failing, we keep hoping she'll fall asleep and not wake up, she's 13 years old, she limps because she can't retract her claws and lately she's lost quite a bit of weight, been vomitting up her food and sleeping lots, so we made an appointment for the vet :O( and today she's jumping up onto worktops for food, fighting with the others when they try to get some and hasn't vomitted, so we cancelled and will wait and see.  Keep her in your thoughts please.

So this week I would like to :-
Finish fat quarterly placemat
make Flower key fob
Finish round robin block and get it in post
get Medley pieced and ready for quilting
ohh and if I get time, another border on dragon quilt ready for final border.

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Have a great evening

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  1. Oh looking forward to pics of the new quilt!

  2. Thanks for the mention darl.
    Can't wait to see the big ironing board... oops I mean quilt... well both actually. I like ironing boards.
    How did the webbing go?

  3. Pictures pictures please!!!! Everything sounds great and that pouch looks fab!!! I LOVE dots and spots!

  4. Cute puppy. I didn't know you had to restrict their walks so much. Look forward to seeing the quilt!


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