28 October, 2012

A new bag and a flimsy

Saturday afternoon and we'd been to football, had lunch, cleaned, walked the dogs and I felt like sewing something with those cute little russian dolls.
I went back to a tutorial I'd seen months ago and decided to get busy, verypurpleperson came up with an excellent completely reversible bag, I didn't quite have enough fabric to add on an additional 7 inches which is what I reckoned I needed to make the bag long enough for me.  At 5ft 10/11 short length handles are no good :) so I joined on some co-ordinating colour fabric and got busy.... it didn't take too long at all (there are no fasteners or pockets because then it couldn't be totally reversible and that's what I wanted) I did use interfacing on both lots of the doll fabric because I didn't want the hexagons showing through and I wanted it slightly stiffer.
I really love it and it's a perfect size for me, it'll easy fit in my purse, check book, keys, phone, lippy and anything else. 

Then today, I've finally got the Holiday Medley quilt to flimsy stage :)
I ran outside early evening to take a photo, I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow and once i've cut off stray threads.  It's quite a dark quilt for us but it's definitely christmassy, I did struggle with the wording to make sure I got it all facing the right way up, will get close ups tomorrow :)

So now, I've got 2 flimsy's to quilt (this and amelia's chevron) and typically i'm about 4" short of batting to get them both done, I'm going to measure again properly tomorrow and make a decision, I know I need to buy some (I usually buy precut  sizes from creative grids) but I also want to get some dark batting for the dragon quilt.  Am hoping to get that upto flimsy by the end of this week ;o) and then order more batting and get them quilted up.   All of them will probably be a meander so hopefully will finish quickly and I can see lots of sitting stitching on binding in November/December.

While I wait for the batting, I'm going to be busy finishing off this scarf, it's a lovely brown and orangey one, very autumnal :)

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