12 September, 2012

Wow Wednesday already

Wow, what a mad week, it's always running around getting into a routine the first week back to school, I had a flea up my bum and decorated the utility room like a Whirling Dervish painted ceilings, walls and varnished windows.  Anyway, kids are all settled and now start the school meetings and dates for photo's, swimming, football club ARGHHHH

This weekend involved a trip out in Mabel the motorhome to Vichy, lots of Dragster bikes and cars and quality family time.   I even got some hexagons sewn together.... Next year theres going to be alot more of this and weekends out, DH is competing in the Championnat de France Dragster 2013.  He's got alot of work to do over the winter but come March 2013, I'll be getting my pit babe outfit on (Just KIDDING) but we're on diets a, because we both need to loose alot of weight, b because he wants to go faster (as if 300kph 180mph in 8 seconds on 400m isn't fast enough) and c, because I want to be slimmer for Fat Quarterly 2013 :O)

Quilting wise, this week I made a cushion from the owl sizzix die, how do you machine applique round tiny angles, I didn't really do a fab job on it but Amelia likes it just the same.

Look at this lovely fabric that arrived today, the top is Linux tux and DH wants it for the backing of a cushion i'm planning on making him

and the 16 squares is for my vomit quilt, unluckily I only managed one 2.5" square per block but Amelia's playing with some and their going in the scrap bin now :O)

I've been busy making a block but that's for the next post.

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