23 September, 2012

Weekend Catch up

I'm slack, I know, I admit it... hardly any sewing done at all for ages.

Well, nothing I can properly show, I'm not sleeping well and getting up at 6am means I can have a cup of coffee and a little sew, I'm trying to be a good girl and get blocks and bees up to date.  Working on some little hexies as we speak.

Can you see they are BATIKS you know how I don't usually like them, I really struggle with the thinness and just don't ever get them looking like other people do (think it's something to do with my colour choices) well I won these from quilt inspiration in their giant September giveaway. 

They are lovely to work with and thick, I love how bright they are... am definitely going to buy Hoffman Batiks if I need batik fabric in the future

Here's a little felt pin cushion (well it's actually a bit big I think, must be 4 inches by 2.5) we were forced to make in patchwork club, excuse the stitching, embroidery is not my forte.
Also got my swop partners from gnome angel so have another 147 2.5" vomit squares to cut, so pleased I bought the Sizzix :O)

Busy weekend but DH passed his race licence theory test and so will get his race licence for the French National Dragster motorbikes series in 2013... less sewing time but it's his passion and us wives have to support their passions. so they'll be more EPPing in my projects next year.  The kids and I went and visited the planetarium instead

And today was the day that we went and collected Bonnie, life will not be the same and probably even less sewing will get done in the next few months, here she is, enjoying a puppy playtime with me once the kids went to bed LOL...

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