17 September, 2012

#Vomit quilt and Simply Solids

Finally, I've started the #vomit quilt as designed by Katy @I'm a Ginger Monkey 

there's a flickr group for it here  and this is Katy's original quilt, I love how the blue/black pops at you.

I'm still undecided what colours i'm using for my solids, I'm making the smaller one that is 12 scrap squares and 13 solids and have been busy cutting, swopping and using the Sizzix to get my nearly 1000 2.5" squares (still not sure i've got enough)

here's my first two #vomit blocks

only 23 more to go lol... it's gonna be a grab it and sew project, think I'm going to sit and sew most of them into pairs and then add a square to one, sew 2 pairs together and then sew the 4 and the 3 to make a row :)

Talking about Solids,

Justine @ Sew Justine Sew who I was very lucky to meet at FQR, along with her little was he 8 weeks old ??? baby boy Hunter :) we spent an evening drinking beer and she was sewing in the hotel bar, she's a great girl and is now the proud owner of Simply Solids, there's a giveaway at Lily's Quilts for ideas for the shop.  There's also a special offer of a free FQ with all orders until Saturday 22nd and for Brits free postage over any orders over £15

Go take a look and give her your support...

Have a great evening

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