15 September, 2012

Should I ????

I decided Bonnie (the new to be pup) had to have a bed to go in her crate, as she's a girl I wondered about using my much loved vintage modern charm pack.

Lynne @ Lilysquilts  replied to my should I use it or not tweet "Not at all - all house accessories should be beautiful including puppy beds."

see why I love this woman and her work....lolol...

Amelia and I got busy choosing the layout of the bed, quite simply I wanted to cover a pillow and then when she gets older I'll just unpick it and make a back for it and put two pillows in (unless it's been chewed to bits in the meantime)

Stitched it up, 7 rows of 6 shoved in a zip (me and zips are a new thing remember) and put the pillow in.....

Here's the finished pillow bed, to be honest it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I love the fabrics, my squares all matched up, even when I folded and sewed it back... I am so tempted to keep it for myself or Amelia.... I mean a puppy is going to get it dirty (it can go in the washing machine) smelly (WM) and might eat it OMG !!!

BUT she deserves a beautiful dog bed cos she's a beauty, so do I keep it for the other girls in this house or let Bonnie have it ????

Daisy the cat is eagerly eying it up too lolol.

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  1. It is beautiful, you are either brave or foolish, unfortunately my dog requires a new bed every few weeks! Needless to say we rely on charity shop blankets and not pretty patchwork!

  2. Indeed you should NOT.
    In MHO you should
    a) make her a scrappy pillow/ bed first
    b) observe her how she treats it
    c) if she behaves well and treats the scrappy on with some respect give her the vintage modern one for christmas
    d) if she doesn't give it to your daughter for christmas instead

    LOL. Just my thoughts. But I completel dislike pets in general. Sigh.

  3. I don't think I could use my really nice fabrics on the animals. Granted, the dogs beds we have bought for them here in horrible taste, but actually they don't seem to mind too much!


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