16 September, 2012

Puppy Pillow #2

I just couldn't bear to let a puppy destroy my VM pillow, I kept looking lovingly at it last night and Amelia really wanted it on her bed....

So we got one of my Jelly rolls out, put some together and then sewed it all up into a big rectangle, folded in half, stitched, stuffed and ready for Bonnie..

Much more appropriate for being ragged about

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  1. Oh, phew.
    I am so glad that you made another {just as gorgeous} puppy pillow. That first one was just too lovely to puppy shenanigans.

  2. But there again.....she may be one of the best behaved puppies ever and would have loved her first pillow..... just saying ROFL Oh just think all that pee and poo to clean up - aren't puppies lovely .. ;-)


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