05 September, 2012

First Bee Block

Sew Euro-bee-an

When we got back from Fat Quarterly Retreat, I'd been surprised by how many expats had made the journey to London, I met up with Dianne from quiltova at Stansted and we trained it upto town together.

I made wonky blocks with Betty,  Nicole and I were next to each other in the wonderful  Tacha's EPP class (Don't ever ask her to cut you any diamonds)
and Christine and I shared quite a few beers as we were in the same hotel....

Di and Helen had loves the bees that were showing quilts and asked a few of us to get together to become *sew euro-bee-an* lolol... a group of expats throughout UK and Europe

I was in two minds whether to join or not, I'm not an accurate person and was worried my work wouldn't be good enough, I get stressed with swop items and swore I was never joining a round robin or mini quilt swop again... so what did I do.... Join the bee... lolol..

Helen has kicked us off and based her idea on sea glass....those lovely smoothed pieces of glass in soft colours that you can pick up on beaches all over the world.

She wanted us to go modern, (impro) and also use 9 patches using 1 or 1.5" squares, she also gave us kona solid for a border.
Here's my 12" blocks ready to pop in the post

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  1. Great start Pippa - Hope you weren't too stressed! I've just started mine today, and I've already taken the sashing off once!

  2. Pretty. And what is wrong with round robins may I ask. I believe you are doing just fine in the one you are in now. LOl

  3. Oh Bees are a bit stressful when you first start. But there's hope! Soon the fun of trying new blocks overtakes the stress of perfection! Your blocks look great!

  4. Cool blocks, Pippa! And I love the name of your bee. I was hesitant to join a bee for the same reasons as you, but joined one this year, and it's been so much fun. :)

  5. Nice blocks. Being in a bee is fun once you get started. Di x


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