14 September, 2012

Exciting for me.. I'm a pattern tester

Exciting for me I'm a pattern tester 

Yay it feels like i've got a proper job lolol...

Kristy at Quiet Play put a call out for pattern testers for her paper pieced patterns before she puts them on Craftsy.
I thought about it and plucked up the courage to email her, I told her I was self taught and had done some fairly tricky paper piecing lately (Hello Kitty and ET) and that I'd like to become a tester if she thought I could manage it.  I got an email back and was thrilled to be sent her newest Owl pattern...

I quickly warned DH that there would be plenty of swearing in the next two weeks.
Today being Friday (sewing day) I got busy, well actually the dog woke me up barking at 6.30am so I started piecing at 7am LOL...
I like to use tear away embroidery stabiliser and bought a load bulk buy and it is so easy to take out after, I copied the pattern and set to.
Smaller stitches and Aurifil 50wt and the machine was ready to go :) 
Here's the finished block

It was soooooooooooo easy to do and I'm really pleased with the result. (Hope Kristy is) I'm sure this pattern and her other two owl patterns will be on her Craftsy page soon.
I promised Amelia I'd get it on her owl pillow so one side will be sizzix applique and the other paper pieced owl :)

EDITED:---- and here's the finished pillow one side has the paper pieced, the other the sizzix big shot owl die :)   which one do you prefer ????

I'm linking up to TGIFF @ Quilt Matters  and it feels great to get a finish under my belt, next up is to start the #vomit quilt and get my September Round robin block done :)

Have a great weekend

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  1. Great fun tetsing patterns - I'd love to have a go. Cute owl

  2. Lovely pillow! Both of the owls look great. I think I like the paper pieced one best :)

  3. You did such a great job testing this for me - thank you! I love the fabrics you used for the owl! Thanks for your help! :)

  4. I prefer the sizzix owl but I like the way the owls eyes are a bit to one side not looking straight at you. I will need to try paper piecing one day, looks like fun.

  5. Sweet. Congrats on a test well done.

  6. Great job testing the pattern. Both owls are adorable so I don't think I can choose. So glad you linked up to TGIFF! Pippa!


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