30 September, 2012

Decision making help please

Ok the globe is on the charcoal...
now does the tula pink I bought for the border work or not.

I'm inclined to think not, perhaps one of the flower colours needs to be used for border or  perhaps it just needs to be quilted and kept like it is...
Advice please

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  1. I agree with you Pippa...use one of the flower colors. It is great. btw.

  2. Hi Pippa!
    I think it is the charcoal. I think it and the black are too much contrast.
    I think the border fabric works, but not against the charcoal. My eye wanted to look at your lovely globe and it was jumping all over the place with the contrast! What about a colour close to the background in the globe and then the hexies, and their globe like outline show, plus the contrast against the border fabric will work!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Hmm it's just not quite right - maybe a little distracting from the gorgeous globe? Could you perhaps use it for a fab pieced back instead and maybe go with a flower colour or even a charcoal binding? It's looking lovely!

  4. I have to agree...the border doesn't do anything for the globe. I'm sure you will find something that just sings to you.


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