30 September, 2012

Decision making help please

Ok the globe is on the charcoal...
now does the tula pink I bought for the border work or not.

I'm inclined to think not, perhaps one of the flower colours needs to be used for border or  perhaps it just needs to be quilted and kept like it is...
Advice please

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27 September, 2012

Naivety and Freshly Squeezed

I'm bummed...properly and truly bummed.
You know when everyone does everything they can to collect the kids sticker book cards or football cards and you trade with people, swop, buy that extra pack of crisps that you really don't need but the kids beg you cos you get 5 extra cards....well this last few days it's been a bit like that on pinterest and freshly squeezed.
I'm really disappointed in the whole challenge and the naivety (or was it a clever marketing ploy) of the owner Randi.  I've followed her blog, I've browsed her shop in the past but no more.

It's not that I really need the fabric (well who says no to free fabric) it's the whole manner in which the challenge was handled.

I emailed her before her blog post with the newly changed time frame of 3pm MST and so had a valid entry.  She didn't email me straight back saying ohhh I'm overwhelmed and can't possibly commit to all these bundles, she left me thinking i'd get the bundle, why did she change the timeframe if she had no intention of honouring the entries anyway.

Today I received this email from her,

The PIN IT TO WIN IT challenge turned out to be much more successful than I imagined, and I honestly thought that I would be lucky to have 3-5 winners.  It was apparent within 12 hours that the challenge was going to be bigger than I imagined.  Over the course of Monday evening and Tuesday I really struggled with how to handle this.  Unfortunately I was not as pro-active as I should have been, so I am now in the position to be unable to give away enough fabric to fulfill all of the winnings pins.  For this I am sincerely sorry!  My intention was never to garner publicity for my shop without being able to fulfill all of the winning requests.

So why didn't she close the competition after the 12 hours or say I only plan on giving bundles to the first 5... ok, she's given 10 bundles away so say 200$ worth plus postage but her site traffic must be through the roof..

oh and she's given a 20% discount off her store... another clever marketing ploy or a true act of generosity ??? cynic in me there

Anyway, I've posted this on her blog in the open for all to see.

I'm a regular reader of the blog and check out the etsy store, I haven't ordered from you before because generally your prices are slightly higher than what I can get elsewhere. To be totally honest without wanting to cause offence, the whole competition was slightly naive of you. Firstly, you have how many followers, if 10% or more entered ,your proposed 3 bundles would've gone within the first day. You chose pinterest which has a huge following in itself, you encouraged us to blog, tweet and facebook the giveaway which most of us did in at least one of the outlets, some all 3. This caused a huge amount of free advertising to you, your site traffic must have been off the scale.
I checked last night (once the cut off time had been edited) and it said that the giveaway had ended at 3pm MST, it still wasn't announced that the rules had changed. Yes you put limited stocks but that doesn't mean only 10 bundles.
The guidelines should have been changed on the first day once you realised that you didn't have the stock to give away. If you had 80 valid winners, you must've already received the 10 by the end of the first day. Holding your hands up then and admitting you'd mucked up, didn't have the money or the stock would've been totally understandable and no one wants to see your business suffer but you let it run it's course, causing more free advertising and site traffic.
I am pleased that you are replying to emails and blog posts, this is very professional of you and understandably time consuming.
I am however removing my pins and will not enter any more competitions.
Best of luck "

Naivety is fine but allowing the challenge to continue was not and that's the end of the subject for me, because the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity and i'm not giving her any more :O)

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25 September, 2012

It's a totally mad giveaway

Freshly Squeezed Fabrics have this totally mad contest going on until Thursday September 27.   here is all the info but basically you head over to the etsy shop, pick your favourite FQ bundle, pin it on pinterest, if you get the same number of repins as the fabric value, you win it.  I know it's totally insanely mad.

I've chosen this gorgeous Savanna Bop collection

I would love it if you were to repin it, I need 18 repins, thanks very much click here to go direct. 

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23 September, 2012

Weekend Catch up

I'm slack, I know, I admit it... hardly any sewing done at all for ages.

Well, nothing I can properly show, I'm not sleeping well and getting up at 6am means I can have a cup of coffee and a little sew, I'm trying to be a good girl and get blocks and bees up to date.  Working on some little hexies as we speak.

Can you see they are BATIKS you know how I don't usually like them, I really struggle with the thinness and just don't ever get them looking like other people do (think it's something to do with my colour choices) well I won these from quilt inspiration in their giant September giveaway. 

They are lovely to work with and thick, I love how bright they are... am definitely going to buy Hoffman Batiks if I need batik fabric in the future

Here's a little felt pin cushion (well it's actually a bit big I think, must be 4 inches by 2.5) we were forced to make in patchwork club, excuse the stitching, embroidery is not my forte.
Also got my swop partners from gnome angel so have another 147 2.5" vomit squares to cut, so pleased I bought the Sizzix :O)

Busy weekend but DH passed his race licence theory test and so will get his race licence for the French National Dragster motorbikes series in 2013... less sewing time but it's his passion and us wives have to support their passions. so they'll be more EPPing in my projects next year.  The kids and I went and visited the planetarium instead

And today was the day that we went and collected Bonnie, life will not be the same and probably even less sewing will get done in the next few months, here she is, enjoying a puppy playtime with me once the kids went to bed LOL...

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17 September, 2012

#Vomit quilt and Simply Solids

Finally, I've started the #vomit quilt as designed by Katy @I'm a Ginger Monkey 

there's a flickr group for it here  and this is Katy's original quilt, I love how the blue/black pops at you.

I'm still undecided what colours i'm using for my solids, I'm making the smaller one that is 12 scrap squares and 13 solids and have been busy cutting, swopping and using the Sizzix to get my nearly 1000 2.5" squares (still not sure i've got enough)

here's my first two #vomit blocks

only 23 more to go lol... it's gonna be a grab it and sew project, think I'm going to sit and sew most of them into pairs and then add a square to one, sew 2 pairs together and then sew the 4 and the 3 to make a row :)

Talking about Solids,

Justine @ Sew Justine Sew who I was very lucky to meet at FQR, along with her little was he 8 weeks old ??? baby boy Hunter :) we spent an evening drinking beer and she was sewing in the hotel bar, she's a great girl and is now the proud owner of Simply Solids, there's a giveaway at Lily's Quilts for ideas for the shop.  There's also a special offer of a free FQ with all orders until Saturday 22nd and for Brits free postage over any orders over £15

Go take a look and give her your support...

Have a great evening

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16 September, 2012

Puppy Pillow #2

I just couldn't bear to let a puppy destroy my VM pillow, I kept looking lovingly at it last night and Amelia really wanted it on her bed....

So we got one of my Jelly rolls out, put some together and then sewed it all up into a big rectangle, folded in half, stitched, stuffed and ready for Bonnie..

Much more appropriate for being ragged about

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15 September, 2012

Should I ????

I decided Bonnie (the new to be pup) had to have a bed to go in her crate, as she's a girl I wondered about using my much loved vintage modern charm pack.

Lynne @ Lilysquilts  replied to my should I use it or not tweet "Not at all - all house accessories should be beautiful including puppy beds."

see why I love this woman and her work....lolol...

Amelia and I got busy choosing the layout of the bed, quite simply I wanted to cover a pillow and then when she gets older I'll just unpick it and make a back for it and put two pillows in (unless it's been chewed to bits in the meantime)

Stitched it up, 7 rows of 6 shoved in a zip (me and zips are a new thing remember) and put the pillow in.....

Here's the finished pillow bed, to be honest it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I love the fabrics, my squares all matched up, even when I folded and sewed it back... I am so tempted to keep it for myself or Amelia.... I mean a puppy is going to get it dirty (it can go in the washing machine) smelly (WM) and might eat it OMG !!!

BUT she deserves a beautiful dog bed cos she's a beauty, so do I keep it for the other girls in this house or let Bonnie have it ????

Daisy the cat is eagerly eying it up too lolol.

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14 September, 2012

Exciting for me.. I'm a pattern tester

Exciting for me I'm a pattern tester 

Yay it feels like i've got a proper job lolol...

Kristy at Quiet Play put a call out for pattern testers for her paper pieced patterns before she puts them on Craftsy.
I thought about it and plucked up the courage to email her, I told her I was self taught and had done some fairly tricky paper piecing lately (Hello Kitty and ET) and that I'd like to become a tester if she thought I could manage it.  I got an email back and was thrilled to be sent her newest Owl pattern...

I quickly warned DH that there would be plenty of swearing in the next two weeks.
Today being Friday (sewing day) I got busy, well actually the dog woke me up barking at 6.30am so I started piecing at 7am LOL...
I like to use tear away embroidery stabiliser and bought a load bulk buy and it is so easy to take out after, I copied the pattern and set to.
Smaller stitches and Aurifil 50wt and the machine was ready to go :) 
Here's the finished block

It was soooooooooooo easy to do and I'm really pleased with the result. (Hope Kristy is) I'm sure this pattern and her other two owl patterns will be on her Craftsy page soon.
I promised Amelia I'd get it on her owl pillow so one side will be sizzix applique and the other paper pieced owl :)

EDITED:---- and here's the finished pillow one side has the paper pieced, the other the sizzix big shot owl die :)   which one do you prefer ????

I'm linking up to TGIFF @ Quilt Matters  and it feels great to get a finish under my belt, next up is to start the #vomit quilt and get my September Round robin block done :)

Have a great weekend

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12 September, 2012

Can't grow a mo

I'm dedicating a whole post to this because it's such an important cause and Danielle needs your help.  I first read about it from lilysquilts and thought what a great idea and surely it wouldn't take long to make.

Danielle from DJ Cool Bear blog is organising a quilt to raffle to raise money for Movember and the Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington NZ.
Danielle's lost her father earlier this year to prostate cancer and has put a call out to all quilters internationally to make a block to donate to the quilt. There will be two quilts made, one for UK and one for NZ.
(I think she might be surprised and it becoming much more than 1 quilt each)

You can find the details on Danielle's blog - Can't Grow a Mo, Sew a Mo post.

It's basically, make a square, put a mo on it and frame it, needs to be 12.5" or smaller:)

You can visit the Flickr Group to see more Mo blocks

I chose a mustardy yellow solid, because what's France famous for but it's Moutarde :O)
OfficerCrabtree250.jpgI decided on a fairly French looking Mo... It reminded me of the gendarme (policeman) Crabtree in 'Allo 'Allo.... and look at the lovely wine border, how appropriate, I love that fabric.

So if you can spare an hour, please get busy making a Mo and help Danielle in her cause.


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Wow Wednesday already

Wow, what a mad week, it's always running around getting into a routine the first week back to school, I had a flea up my bum and decorated the utility room like a Whirling Dervish painted ceilings, walls and varnished windows.  Anyway, kids are all settled and now start the school meetings and dates for photo's, swimming, football club ARGHHHH

This weekend involved a trip out in Mabel the motorhome to Vichy, lots of Dragster bikes and cars and quality family time.   I even got some hexagons sewn together.... Next year theres going to be alot more of this and weekends out, DH is competing in the Championnat de France Dragster 2013.  He's got alot of work to do over the winter but come March 2013, I'll be getting my pit babe outfit on (Just KIDDING) but we're on diets a, because we both need to loose alot of weight, b because he wants to go faster (as if 300kph 180mph in 8 seconds on 400m isn't fast enough) and c, because I want to be slimmer for Fat Quarterly 2013 :O)

Quilting wise, this week I made a cushion from the owl sizzix die, how do you machine applique round tiny angles, I didn't really do a fab job on it but Amelia likes it just the same.

Look at this lovely fabric that arrived today, the top is Linux tux and DH wants it for the backing of a cushion i'm planning on making him

and the 16 squares is for my vomit quilt, unluckily I only managed one 2.5" square per block but Amelia's playing with some and their going in the scrap bin now :O)

I've been busy making a block but that's for the next post.

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05 September, 2012

First Bee Block

Sew Euro-bee-an

When we got back from Fat Quarterly Retreat, I'd been surprised by how many expats had made the journey to London, I met up with Dianne from quiltova at Stansted and we trained it upto town together.

I made wonky blocks with Betty,  Nicole and I were next to each other in the wonderful  Tacha's EPP class (Don't ever ask her to cut you any diamonds)
and Christine and I shared quite a few beers as we were in the same hotel....

Di and Helen had loves the bees that were showing quilts and asked a few of us to get together to become *sew euro-bee-an* lolol... a group of expats throughout UK and Europe

I was in two minds whether to join or not, I'm not an accurate person and was worried my work wouldn't be good enough, I get stressed with swop items and swore I was never joining a round robin or mini quilt swop again... so what did I do.... Join the bee... lolol..

Helen has kicked us off and based her idea on sea glass....those lovely smoothed pieces of glass in soft colours that you can pick up on beaches all over the world.

She wanted us to go modern, (impro) and also use 9 patches using 1 or 1.5" squares, she also gave us kona solid for a border.
Here's my 12" blocks ready to pop in the post

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We Have a Winner !!!!

We have a winner......

Mr Random chose #165  

Karrie S 3 September 2012 06:42

I plan on finishing 3 quilts that I was working on before summer started

So Karrie, I've emailed you and Congratulations !!!!!  Thanks to everyone who entered, I know the hop was at one of the busiest times of the year and I really appreciate people taking time out to try and win my prize :) and to all the new followers, thanks for choosing to follow :)

Have a great day !

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04 September, 2012

It's not too late

It's  not too late to enter my blog hop giveaway here Mr Random will be picking the winner tomorrow morning (in about 10-12 hours) so check your email to see if you were the lucky winner :O)

So far, it doesn't look like i've been lucky this time ;( but I did win a 20$ gift voucher from  the Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop so need to go check out Pink Chalk Fabrics what should I pick ?? go take a look and make some suggestions LOL...

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01 September, 2012

August ends although not summer

Lily's Quilts
August has ended but I'm not sure our summer has, the week started off with mid 30's, followed by cooler weather, even a 20C yesterday but it's rising again and we're due 26/27C for most of next week, so I really think Summer's staying :O)

I looked back at my blog and realised I didn't get much done in August, just 4 finishes...but I did buy lots and lots of fabric, lots of dies for the Sizzix and have great plans for September.

I got the hexi globe upto applique onto the backing stage, I basted (well glue basted) about 150 hexagons, finished Hello Kitty cushion and finished off the Bowls.  I participated in the bowls with Borders blog hop and the Blog Hop back to school giveaway :)

In September i'm hoping to get the globe bordered and ready for quilting, decide if i'm making a cushion with my hexi's or what I'm doing with them, get my bee block done and I've got a Halloween project I'd like to progress with.

I may have a new distraction though from 24th September,  we're not sure if we're getting the top one (Bonnie) or the bottom one (Clyde) yet, they were abandoned outside the dog's home at 2 weeks old with their brothers and sisters, the dog's home put down puppies of that age but luckily there's a rescue organisation that foster pups and dogs until homes can be found.... these were the only 2 of the litter to survive.  Their 5 weeks old and can come to us in 3 weeks, the girl is probably more suitable temperamentally with our big boy lab but the boy lab is the cutie, we're divided the girls want Bonnie, the boys Clyde and Clyde is sorta reserved anyway...more news in the next week or so.

I'm linking up to Fresh Sewing Day, go check out some of the linky's, there are great finishes for August.

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