30 August, 2012

Tiring Thursday

Hi All,
Hello to my new followers, I've got over 150 now WOW !!! I do hope you'll stay and not all depart in droves after the Blog hop finishes hehehe...
I'm thrilled that my posts seemed to have posted on the correct days, I know people have problems with Google scheduling but I never have.  YET !!!!

We had a great time on holiday, the adventure park was a one day stay, our 8 year old who *thinks* he can swim properly, wanted to go in the lake on the giant inflatables and had to be saved by the lifeguard and I nearly dropped Amelia I don't know how many feet down into the abyss getting on the ski chair lift, frightened the life out of me and her.... we finally admitted we're not really the adventure type (tell me something I didn't already know)

I'm saying through gritted teeth, please don't move kids, don't look down, oh god get me outta here !!!!!

The boy got to try skiing though

we all enjoyed a nice game of Mini Golf

So off we went, to a lovely 5* campsite, much more my idea of a holiday, 4 hours of kids club, fantastic pools and entertainment, gave me time to get on and make more hexi's, I've now got 150 odd basted to perhaps get on and make my hexi cushion and came back thoroughly relaxed.

Look what I came back to
Julie at Intrepid thread had a sale on the quilt blocks, I'm not sure which I love more the hexi's or the triangles, they are all yummy, there's some crab shack in there too and the Meteor from Tula Pink :O)

The hexi globe got a vote for the charcoal fabric but im not sure it matches the meteor now, its a greeny background not the black/grey I thought, what do u reckon.

I think i've also forgotten to show you my Days of Yore fabric, isn't it scrummy, I don't care it's novelty I LOVE IT !!!!! and the kids LOVE IT and the DH LOVES IT !!!! we're really gonna be fighting over this quilt.  For those with younger kids don't the dragons look like Sparky and Squirt from Mike the knight 

I'm holding back buying the pattern, cos I know I will want to start it straight away and I need to get a Bee Block done, Hello Kitty cushion finished and hopefully the globe at least appliqued on the background... I've got a Halloween project on the go and the pink/white chevron to quilt...oh and our neighbour is pregnant again so baby quilt for January.

Busy times and back to school soon :O) am also hoping for an addition to the family, more news soon, have great Thursday 
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