19 August, 2012

Show off your stash/sewing area

A week or so ago, I got asked how much stash I have.... hmmm considering that I've only started *properly* devoting time to quilting/patchwork in the last year, I'm not doing too bad.

In 2008, we decided to leave our  3 bedroomed heated house, lovely kitchen, bathroom ohh and the garden was done, pool in....we'd finished renovating it about a year before,  Amelia was only 9 months old when we decided.. (read dh thought he really needed more garage/workshop/parking space) and we bought this.

It still had the cow troughs in it, no windows, doors, floors, electricity, water, drainage.... Yes when I look back we were most definitely insane, a son of 4 and a daughter of a year old and my DH works full time and was determined to do it himself and we didn't want a mortgage so we save a bit and spend it...save and spend

for nearly 2 years we lived in the mobile home, through 3 very very bad winters, taps froze, toilet outlets froze and the kids and dh had chicken pox over Christmas in the mobile. I got into redwork and dh occasionally lifted my sewing machine in for me but there really wasn't enough room.

Christmas 2009 and we moved into the downstairs, we had a kitchen, lounge, toilet and kids play room :) we were still using the mobile home for showers and sleeping... I moved my horn cabinet into the lounge and sewed by the window, the stash was in a big cupboard and it was a really depressing area but eventually just before I had to have an operation we moved into upstairs late 2010 and we still need to build 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

As you can see, the kids playroom was stolen by me eventually (think 2011) their mess and noise kept creeping into the kitchen,so we decided to let them have a larger room (dh divided up our much too big lounge and made them a playroom) and I moved my stuff in.

I bought a cupboard in the local second hand shop, it was a giveaway price and I'm so please we invested in it.  I knew exactly what I wanted but didn't think I'd find it.

I've got shelves with my books and magazines, shelves with machine embroidery and frame quilting stuff, another shelf with hand embroidery and scraps, more shelving with larger scraps, finished items and then batting and wip/finished in need of quilting baskets.

The cupboard came with a drawer unit that was too high so DH made it into a bench with 3 drawer set either side. My mum gave me this lovely chair and I sit and drink my coffee, doing some stitching or reading my magazines.

And here's my stash, the cupboard had cubby holes, they are about 10 inches by 12, and the stash is packed in two deep...so this is really only half of it and my backing fabrics are hidden in one of the other baskets.  It was sorta colour coded with themes so christmas, holidays, halloween,  kids and novelties, solids, flowers, modern

Here's my charm pack tin, there are some new mini charm pack additions in there.

Vomit Quilt tin

I love my tins and bags, little pouches for my hexagons, the jubilee celebrations tin is being appropriately used as I bought it when I was in London on the Fat Quarterly retreat and it's now being used for Katy's (I'm a ginger monkey) vomit quilt

DH made me a thread rack, there's a magnetic scissor cutter rail there too :) and my sizzix cupboard and another thread rack, ruler and ironing board hanger

Threads are sorted in a drawer and my newest acquisition is a saddle chair, my back was killing me sitting too low on a normal chair, this is great for my back but is hurting my neither regions atm, actually numbness sets in after a couple of hours.  The blackboard is still under the chair and Amelia quite often sits under there doing a drawing while I'm hand stitching.

Finally, my little gracie frame and brother machine, It fits ok as a crib  size but struggles a bit as a queen, eventually I'm having a frame room (corridor) upstairs and then i'll gain some more space for a proper cutting and pressing area.  I pin up my cards, moo cards and things I receive from people on the wall, makes me smile to look at it.

A hugely long post I know, *sorry* but one day Amelia and I might not quite remember where mummy made her first proper quilt and this'll help remind us.

Have a great Sunday 

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  1. Lovely to read you story even if I now think you are mad! Amazing plans for the future too - I'm sat in my dining room which does serve that purpose as well as my sewing space, a tiny bit jealous of you but not of the trauma to get there!

  2. I love this blog post because I now know for sure that you are totally my kinda gal.
    I love your sewing space now and your journey to this point makes it even more interesting.

  3. Wow what a journey, and not finished yet.Love the sewing space very light and airy. Hope you had a lovely Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. What a fun journey to your dream space. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow you have really had an adventurous few years. I would love to get a small quilting frame and a brother machine, but can't figure out where to set it up. You have used your space well.


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