21 August, 2012

Hexi globe finished and advice needed

Well, it's pieced and sewn up anyway, only just noticed that the teal and dark blues are so close to each other on the repeats, it's a shame, it'll annoy me but I'll know better for the bigger more complicated one. You live and learn
I first saw this one, Greta blogged about it and I fell in love, I checked her shop and there was easier one.  I don't usually do English paper piecing but was semi hooked after Fat Quarterly Retreat so I opted for the small one and Katy had explained about glue basting.  So I cut out the paper pattern, chose my fabric and set to.... gluesticks at the ready.

Pattern cutting
After glue basting them all

I took them here, I took them there, they even came to England with me....

The kids heard, watch my FABRIC !!!! so many times these last 6 weeks,
They encouraged me to get the *ball* done, Jacques wants it in his room as he thinks it looks like a football

I used 50wt Aurifil thread for all the piecing, it's a very light grey and doesn't show up much. Things went much quicker once I read Lynne's top tips for speedy epp it came together much easier and was alot speedier.

Today, I got up at 7am and stitched the last bits together, unfortunately I had to have an emergency visit to the docs as I experienced really weird numbness and tingling in my face, nose, mouth, shoulders, arms and feet and thought it prudent to seek medical advice...it's really weird, you know when you've been to the dentist and your mouths coming back and feels numb, it's just like that, so tomorrow it's blood tests and I'm on anti inflammatories and massive doses of B6 and Magnesium, hopefully it's a magnesium deficiency and we still get to go on holiday, if not it's an emergency MRI/IRM scan to check it's not a problem with my brain/neck.
So he told me to calm down on the sewing, he didn't mention ironing though right... :o)

Now I need help, it's going to be a wall hanging, I originally thought a dark charcoally grey background  (as per picture) and wanted to use the other colours as a border but now i'm not sure, do I go with light background....help
I've also ordered a half yard of this ohh so yummy Tula Pink Meteor shower, I fell in love with it and think it suit's the globe perfectly...should I go lighter background and a border of this or what.... ARGHHH I'm so rubbish at fabric combinations.

For the quilting I'd like to quilt all the flowers with Aurifil, as near to the colours as I can get and the white is easy, has anyone got a bobbin's worth of the orange or the purple that I could buy ?? I don't mind buying the large spools for the other colours but I don't really tend to use orange or purple enough, the other alternative is to look for the smaller 300m spools.
DH just said, buy them all...but he doesn't know I'm planning some more purchasing this week lolol... problem I have is he never says no and encourages more purchasing so he doesn't feel so guilty buying for the drag bike or motorbikes.

Stay tuned for my Bowls blog day (27th) and I'm taking part in the back to school giveaway for the Blog hop which will run until 5th September :) soon be back to school...

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  1. Ficou lindo,Parabéns.Não se incomode com cores próximas,cada um vê de uma maneira mesmo,eu adorei.Sou viciada nisso por mais de dez anos então me sinto no direito de opinar.Beijos

  2. Oh goodness - it doesn't sound right to say "hope it's a magnesium deficiency" but in light of the other possibilities, I do hope it's a magnesium deficiency!

    Love your hexi globe! It looks amazing! Beautiful work! Perfect fabric for the backing!

  3. So sorry about the medical issues. I truly hope that is something minor. As for the globe suggestions, nothing comes to mind. Sorry. I'm sure it will be great, whatever you choose.

  4. Your quilt is inspiring! and beautiful. I pray that your medical issue is not something that will keep you from holiday, but can be fixed easily. And you can Sew On!

  5. The globe is stunning. Congratulations. Hope it's nothing serious? Let me know.

  6. Hi hope all is ok with the tests sorry not much good with colour still learning that myself.

  7. Hi Pippa,
    your ball is fabulous and it looks great on the dark background.

  8. I just saw your hexi globe on your fresh sewing day post and I needed to know more so I googled hexi globe and here I am back again !!! your link was the first up :) I'm going to have to maybe try this pattern - looks so fabulous :)


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