09 August, 2012

Catch up

First things first, I've changed my background because at the moment all I seem to be doing is packing and unpacking and choosing our next holiday destination, not that i'm complaining but it doesn't give me much sewing time. I've got the hexi globe to sew up and must get on with my bowls because the blog hop starts next week and I'm featured at the end of the month and am hopefully going to be away with dh and the kids somewhere in France ;o)

We had a great holiday in the UK but it's a shame the weather wasn't as good as it could've been...there were no days at the seaside, no days sunbathing in the garden but we did get to the Circus (a no animal one) which was fantastic

We also got to the greyhounds at Sittingbourne, the kids had never been and were so excited, we didn't win but we had a few shouts and fun deciding which dog was going to win.

We indulged in lots of naughty  foods, jammie dodgers, screwball ice creams, chinese takeaways and ice creams.

Jacques had his 8th birthday while he was there and Ryanair had the honour of bringing all his pressies home safe and sound (luckily)   do you notice the quilt ?? it really goes well in mum's lounge and is being used lots on chilly evenings.

While I've been away lots of fabric arrived, my days of yore is so yummy and the photo really doesn't show how vibrant and funky the fabric is, this is going to be my big project once the kids go back to school.

these are ready for more modern stuff and perhaps bee use

and these are partly for the #vomit quilt and partly just because they are scrummy and fun to have in the sewing room

Laura who I met at the FQR very kindly went and bought me these vomit FQ's and sent them to me....am I the only one who thinks they are not all vomit and I'm really tempted to make a table runner/pot holder with the veggies and I'm going to send a friend a little pouch with the horsey fabrics once I've cut some 2.5" squares for the vomit quilt

Some of my collected squares and some that i've received in the swop, I'm busy cutting using the sizzix and then i'm moving onto cutting hexagon papers, going to start selling them on ebay to try and get more fabric money :)

Early night tonight and tomorrow it's cutting and posting day :)
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  1. Oh lots of fabric goodies, a birthday and naughty food. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me. :D

  2. shame about the weather... that the UK for you...it has been lovelly the last couple of days . Hope it was a ggod birthday x I am sure you will use ALL the fabrics xx

  3. google would NOT let me correct the spelling mistakes... sorry! makes it a bit more interesting!!! lol x

  4. A rest is as good as a.............. (I cannot remember the last bit) Or is it a break is as good as a rest Im confused now. Anyway glad you had a good time. Quilt looks great.


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