18 August, 2012

break due to extreme weather conditions

I'm hot, tempers are fraying, mine more than the kids, they want to paint *EEEEEK* and it's 10am and 32C... we're on extreme weather alert because we're due 41/42C for the next few days.
Yesterday it was a fairly balmy 35C but surprisingly it didn't feel that hot, there was a nice breeze and Amelia and I sat outside in the jacuzzi all afternoon....
Today though is a different thing, it's too hot to sit outside atm as the shade isn't on the patio and it's too hot to sit by the sewing machine or even pick up a needle....

I'm currently dreaming of these

we're going away next weekend for a few days, it's our 11th Wedding anniversary and we're off to Cap Decouverte  you pay an entrance fee and then you can snowboard, ski, paintball, waterski, go on giant zip wires, karting, skating, ride a bike or you can do what i'm planning and sit at the beach, go on the giant inflatables in the lake and slides and maybe take a ride on the chairlift... while DH takes care of the kids and their adventure needs...
It'll mark the end of the school holidays and our return to *normality*
I'm hoping the weather will be dry and hot 26/27 would be great, fingers crossed it doesn't rain
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  1. It's 34 here today - too hot for outside, but cool in my sewing room.
    Have a good time next week - sounds very energetic though!

  2. We have all the shutters shut, hope it doesn't last long. We are planning a small break now, not sure where, but will wait until this heat wave passes. Enjoy your hols x

  3. I'm dreaming of that waterfall too: it's hot here too (34)
    Hope you have (had) fun

  4. Oh me too. At least we've got the pool. Love your background. Where did you find it?


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