30 August, 2012

Hello Kitty finished !!!!

Here she is in all her glory

and here's the very happy girlie that gets to use her cushion finally

Hello Kitty got started in July I think it was, I fitted her in during summer school days and some late nights, think she took about 6 hours in total, which for one block is a hell of alot of time, but Amelia loves her.
I got the pattern from liljabs and enlarged it.
Amelia has been nagging me to get it made into a cushion, so while dinner was cooking I got busy and here she is with the finished article :O)

I'm going to link it up to Quiet Play's Practically Paper Piecing I've really enjoyed the blog hop and am determined to get on with more PP as I like doing it and my SBS has lots of paper pieced blocks.

I'm also linking it to TGIFF
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Tiring Thursday

Hi All,
Hello to my new followers, I've got over 150 now WOW !!! I do hope you'll stay and not all depart in droves after the Blog hop finishes hehehe...
I'm thrilled that my posts seemed to have posted on the correct days, I know people have problems with Google scheduling but I never have.  YET !!!!

We had a great time on holiday, the adventure park was a one day stay, our 8 year old who *thinks* he can swim properly, wanted to go in the lake on the giant inflatables and had to be saved by the lifeguard and I nearly dropped Amelia I don't know how many feet down into the abyss getting on the ski chair lift, frightened the life out of me and her.... we finally admitted we're not really the adventure type (tell me something I didn't already know)

I'm saying through gritted teeth, please don't move kids, don't look down, oh god get me outta here !!!!!

The boy got to try skiing though

we all enjoyed a nice game of Mini Golf

So off we went, to a lovely 5* campsite, much more my idea of a holiday, 4 hours of kids club, fantastic pools and entertainment, gave me time to get on and make more hexi's, I've now got 150 odd basted to perhaps get on and make my hexi cushion and came back thoroughly relaxed.

Look what I came back to
Julie at Intrepid thread had a sale on the quilt blocks, I'm not sure which I love more the hexi's or the triangles, they are all yummy, there's some crab shack in there too and the Meteor from Tula Pink :O)

The hexi globe got a vote for the charcoal fabric but im not sure it matches the meteor now, its a greeny background not the black/grey I thought, what do u reckon.

I think i've also forgotten to show you my Days of Yore fabric, isn't it scrummy, I don't care it's novelty I LOVE IT !!!!! and the kids LOVE IT and the DH LOVES IT !!!! we're really gonna be fighting over this quilt.  For those with younger kids don't the dragons look like Sparky and Squirt from Mike the knight 

I'm holding back buying the pattern, cos I know I will want to start it straight away and I need to get a Bee Block done, Hello Kitty cushion finished and hopefully the globe at least appliqued on the background... I've got a Halloween project on the go and the pink/white chevron to quilt...oh and our neighbour is pregnant again so baby quilt for January.

Busy times and back to school soon :O) am also hoping for an addition to the family, more news soon, have great Thursday 
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26 August, 2012

Bowls with Borders --- it's my turn

Hi, it's finally my stop on the Bowls with Borders Blog Hop!

I'm hopefully not here and am sunning myself in the Lot area of France and fingers crossed that the scheduling worked.

I loved this when I first saw it on Madame Samm's blog and was really excited to be involved with the hop.

My plan was for a wallhanging for the kitchen, I used fabrics that match my kitchen *perfectly* and it's now happily hanging by the sink...reminding my DH and kids !!!

FMQ and stitched in the ditch for the bowls

I will hang it properly once I get back from hols...lol

Thanks so much to  Regina for the lovely pattern and Carol, you have been fantastic organising and reminding us all...thanks for letting me take part it's been a blast.

Please go and check out the other hopper's who are showing you their bowls today.

And please stop by and enter my Back to school blog hop Here if you haven't already
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25 August, 2012

Back to School Blog Hop

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop giveaway

I'm hoping this has scheduled correctly because I am fingers crossed on holiday in the Tarn, France enjoying a short holiday before the kids go back to school.
Our summer holidays involve lazy days, some involve camping in the motorhome, which still follow the same sort of routine, getting up late, sitting on computers, kids off playing, swimming, some sewing and half planned lunches and later dinners usually eaten outside in the shade.
ahhh it's a shame they have to go back but I suspect the holidays wouldn't feel so special if they were any longer, here in France they finished school on 5th July and go back on 4th September.

I'm letting this run until early morning here in France on the 5th September and i'll be using Mr Random to pick the winner.
My giveaway is for

Simply Mini Quilts: 12 Quilting Projects

I love this book, it's one of the ones I look through when I fancy a quick and easy project. The blurb says Simply Mini Quilts features 12 original, charming, and playful projects, all no more than three feet in length or height. A group of leading designers-most with prominent online presence-has created wonderful, modern designs suitable for beginners and intermediates. Featured techniques include machine and hand quilting, piecing, embroidery, fusing, embellishing, and trapunto.

and it'll be shipped direct from either Amazon or Book Depository so is open WORLDWIDE.
To enter just leave a comment, you could tell me what plans you have for your Autumn stitching/quiltmaking or what you did during your summer holidays it's up to you.
Followers get an extra chance, please leave an additional comment telling me you follow.

I'm not sure I'll get chance to reply to you all but thanks for stopping by :O) and please go on and hop some more, list here there's sure to be some fantastic giveaways

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21 August, 2012

Hexi globe finished and advice needed

Well, it's pieced and sewn up anyway, only just noticed that the teal and dark blues are so close to each other on the repeats, it's a shame, it'll annoy me but I'll know better for the bigger more complicated one. You live and learn
I first saw this one, Greta blogged about it and I fell in love, I checked her shop and there was easier one.  I don't usually do English paper piecing but was semi hooked after Fat Quarterly Retreat so I opted for the small one and Katy had explained about glue basting.  So I cut out the paper pattern, chose my fabric and set to.... gluesticks at the ready.

Pattern cutting
After glue basting them all

I took them here, I took them there, they even came to England with me....

The kids heard, watch my FABRIC !!!! so many times these last 6 weeks,
They encouraged me to get the *ball* done, Jacques wants it in his room as he thinks it looks like a football

I used 50wt Aurifil thread for all the piecing, it's a very light grey and doesn't show up much. Things went much quicker once I read Lynne's top tips for speedy epp it came together much easier and was alot speedier.

Today, I got up at 7am and stitched the last bits together, unfortunately I had to have an emergency visit to the docs as I experienced really weird numbness and tingling in my face, nose, mouth, shoulders, arms and feet and thought it prudent to seek medical advice...it's really weird, you know when you've been to the dentist and your mouths coming back and feels numb, it's just like that, so tomorrow it's blood tests and I'm on anti inflammatories and massive doses of B6 and Magnesium, hopefully it's a magnesium deficiency and we still get to go on holiday, if not it's an emergency MRI/IRM scan to check it's not a problem with my brain/neck.
So he told me to calm down on the sewing, he didn't mention ironing though right... :o)

Now I need help, it's going to be a wall hanging, I originally thought a dark charcoally grey background  (as per picture) and wanted to use the other colours as a border but now i'm not sure, do I go with light background....help
I've also ordered a half yard of this ohh so yummy Tula Pink Meteor shower, I fell in love with it and think it suit's the globe perfectly...should I go lighter background and a border of this or what.... ARGHHH I'm so rubbish at fabric combinations.

For the quilting I'd like to quilt all the flowers with Aurifil, as near to the colours as I can get and the white is easy, has anyone got a bobbin's worth of the orange or the purple that I could buy ?? I don't mind buying the large spools for the other colours but I don't really tend to use orange or purple enough, the other alternative is to look for the smaller 300m spools.
DH just said, buy them all...but he doesn't know I'm planning some more purchasing this week lolol... problem I have is he never says no and encourages more purchasing so he doesn't feel so guilty buying for the drag bike or motorbikes.

Stay tuned for my Bowls blog day (27th) and I'm taking part in the back to school giveaway for the Blog hop which will run until 5th September :) soon be back to school...

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19 August, 2012

Show off your stash/sewing area

A week or so ago, I got asked how much stash I have.... hmmm considering that I've only started *properly* devoting time to quilting/patchwork in the last year, I'm not doing too bad.

In 2008, we decided to leave our  3 bedroomed heated house, lovely kitchen, bathroom ohh and the garden was done, pool in....we'd finished renovating it about a year before,  Amelia was only 9 months old when we decided.. (read dh thought he really needed more garage/workshop/parking space) and we bought this.

It still had the cow troughs in it, no windows, doors, floors, electricity, water, drainage.... Yes when I look back we were most definitely insane, a son of 4 and a daughter of a year old and my DH works full time and was determined to do it himself and we didn't want a mortgage so we save a bit and spend it...save and spend

for nearly 2 years we lived in the mobile home, through 3 very very bad winters, taps froze, toilet outlets froze and the kids and dh had chicken pox over Christmas in the mobile. I got into redwork and dh occasionally lifted my sewing machine in for me but there really wasn't enough room.

Christmas 2009 and we moved into the downstairs, we had a kitchen, lounge, toilet and kids play room :) we were still using the mobile home for showers and sleeping... I moved my horn cabinet into the lounge and sewed by the window, the stash was in a big cupboard and it was a really depressing area but eventually just before I had to have an operation we moved into upstairs late 2010 and we still need to build 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

As you can see, the kids playroom was stolen by me eventually (think 2011) their mess and noise kept creeping into the kitchen,so we decided to let them have a larger room (dh divided up our much too big lounge and made them a playroom) and I moved my stuff in.

I bought a cupboard in the local second hand shop, it was a giveaway price and I'm so please we invested in it.  I knew exactly what I wanted but didn't think I'd find it.

I've got shelves with my books and magazines, shelves with machine embroidery and frame quilting stuff, another shelf with hand embroidery and scraps, more shelving with larger scraps, finished items and then batting and wip/finished in need of quilting baskets.

The cupboard came with a drawer unit that was too high so DH made it into a bench with 3 drawer set either side. My mum gave me this lovely chair and I sit and drink my coffee, doing some stitching or reading my magazines.

And here's my stash, the cupboard had cubby holes, they are about 10 inches by 12, and the stash is packed in two deep...so this is really only half of it and my backing fabrics are hidden in one of the other baskets.  It was sorta colour coded with themes so christmas, holidays, halloween,  kids and novelties, solids, flowers, modern

Here's my charm pack tin, there are some new mini charm pack additions in there.

Vomit Quilt tin

I love my tins and bags, little pouches for my hexagons, the jubilee celebrations tin is being appropriately used as I bought it when I was in London on the Fat Quarterly retreat and it's now being used for Katy's (I'm a ginger monkey) vomit quilt

DH made me a thread rack, there's a magnetic scissor cutter rail there too :) and my sizzix cupboard and another thread rack, ruler and ironing board hanger

Threads are sorted in a drawer and my newest acquisition is a saddle chair, my back was killing me sitting too low on a normal chair, this is great for my back but is hurting my neither regions atm, actually numbness sets in after a couple of hours.  The blackboard is still under the chair and Amelia quite often sits under there doing a drawing while I'm hand stitching.

Finally, my little gracie frame and brother machine, It fits ok as a crib  size but struggles a bit as a queen, eventually I'm having a frame room (corridor) upstairs and then i'll gain some more space for a proper cutting and pressing area.  I pin up my cards, moo cards and things I receive from people on the wall, makes me smile to look at it.

A hugely long post I know, *sorry* but one day Amelia and I might not quite remember where mummy made her first proper quilt and this'll help remind us.

Have a great Sunday 

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18 August, 2012

break due to extreme weather conditions

I'm hot, tempers are fraying, mine more than the kids, they want to paint *EEEEEK* and it's 10am and 32C... we're on extreme weather alert because we're due 41/42C for the next few days.
Yesterday it was a fairly balmy 35C but surprisingly it didn't feel that hot, there was a nice breeze and Amelia and I sat outside in the jacuzzi all afternoon....
Today though is a different thing, it's too hot to sit outside atm as the shade isn't on the patio and it's too hot to sit by the sewing machine or even pick up a needle....

I'm currently dreaming of these

we're going away next weekend for a few days, it's our 11th Wedding anniversary and we're off to Cap Decouverte  you pay an entrance fee and then you can snowboard, ski, paintball, waterski, go on giant zip wires, karting, skating, ride a bike or you can do what i'm planning and sit at the beach, go on the giant inflatables in the lake and slides and maybe take a ride on the chairlift... while DH takes care of the kids and their adventure needs...
It'll mark the end of the school holidays and our return to *normality*
I'm hoping the weather will be dry and hot 26/27 would be great, fingers crossed it doesn't rain
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