18 July, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've been busy at the sewing machine most of yesterday and have got lots of WIP.  I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced

I got busy and made some more bowls, I'm thinking I may add some other kitchen utensils to make a small wall hanging, the colours are growing on me and although not as poppy as some of them, they match my kitchen perfectly so they are staying lolol...

I've been really busy with my hexagon globe, I've glue basted them all and I'm starting the long long sewing together part, all 125 pieces... Jacques thinks it's a multicoloured football lolol.. this is the back side obviously

and finally, I'm half way through Amelia's paper pieced Hello Kitty, I wanted to put some borders on and make it into a little wall hanging or perhaps a big cushion, she seems to want to make it into a bag.. we'll see :)

and finally, the kids were at summer school and made these cute little bottle piggies and helicopter, please say hello to pinky pig and henry helicopter...

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  1. hello to pinky pig and henry helicoptor

  2. Loving those paper pieced bowls! They look fantastic!

    As for the hexagon globe - amazing so far!

  3. Love your bowls....such a great project!

  4. Aren't the bowls fun to do!!! great projects there Pippa

  5. Hello Pinky pig and Henry helicopter.
    I went to Cornwall for a week had a wonderful time now all the washing and catch up with computer. No internet for a week just out with old school friends and catching up with friends in the village Elaine had her 80th birthday whilst I was there will try and put up photos on the blog after I catch up with my friends on the blogs.

  6. oooo - that hexagon globe is going to be really neat. :)

  7. That hexagon globe is so neat looking! I love how hexagons look awesome from the front and the back! The paper piecing bowls are so fun! It will make a great wall hanging! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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