24 July, 2012

Say Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty block is finished...phew,
All in I think it's about 6 hours !!!! for one block, this PP sure does take up time or is it that i'm incredibly slow ???
I enlarged the pattern (you can get it here at lilijabs ) so it finished at 12 inches, perfect cushion size or as Amelia requested a bag.... I'm hoping she decides cushion but we'll see later when she gets home.

I'm off to another hospital visit....2 in two days each being 60kms away is tiring...will be so glad to get to England for a rest lolol...
But the hexi globe has been travelling with me on my adventures,

Happy Monday :O) oh and I might link up this post to manic monday while i'm at it :)

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  1. You have more patience than me, but that's ok as we're not hello kitty fans (phew!)

  2. Thats block is amazing!! I know lots of little girls that would love that, but I'm not too sure if I could be as dedicated as you or that it would be half as good!

  3. Wow that is a long time for one block. But I'm sure it will be well loved and appreciated.

  4. Oh the block looks fantastic!! Paper piecing is definitely a slow and time consuming process - but looks so worth it with such a cute block!


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