27 July, 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

I've bribed the kids with an afternoon nap so they can stay up and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, not sure we'll be able to stay awake but we can try.  I'm hoping that it all goes off without a hitch, it's good for the UK and I'm feeling quite patriotic this year, usually I'm not in the least and class myself as an European. I think the young royals are also incredibly good for the country and to see them yesterday, playing table tennis and seeming to be so at home with the *ordinary* folk....can't wait to see the photo's of Harry admiring the beach volley girls...lolol...

Amelia and I spent the morning making the *Olympic stadium and flame*
The queen is lighting our cauldron, and she's wearing suitable royal toga :)  Our stadium has the 2012 logo but due to copyright issues i've blacked it out in the photo's, don't want the committee after me.

 I'm quite impressed with my interlocking rings, you can't see the joins and they are all in the correct order...wowow, they are now making medals, gold, bronze and silver to wear while watching...

Look at the yummy scraps I got from betty for my vomit quilt, I don't think they are vomit inducing at all, can you see the little fried eggs ??? so sweet

and I've finished my August round robin block (can't show you as it's top secret) lolol....
I went shopping the other day and bought a cigarette bin, dh said wth did u buy that for ??? ?don't you think it makes a great bin for my rubbish ??? and at the top i'm going to make a pin cushion and the little blue/turquoise bin is going to be my scrap bin,
 I'm going to then cut them up to 2.5" for my vomit quilt before they go into the big scrap bin :)
see there is some form of method in my madness...
Will let you know tomorrow what time I last until :O)

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  1. getting ready to watch... shame its raining... but gotta love the Brits with their brollies and umberellas xx Love being British/English xx

  2. I just finished watching, from the other side of the Atlantic. It was marvelous and my heartbeat extra when the Brits entered the stadium. Bravo!
    Jane in Nova Scotia, Canadian with British roots 200 years ago

  3. I had to record the last bit watched it this morning brilliant. What a spectacular opening. Love the idea of the medals and your Olympic rings fab. Will be having the tv on for quite a lot over the next 2 weeks.

  4. I love the queen and the olympic and the stadium.
    I couldn't stop watching last night: was in bed by 02.00
    And then the youngest son (20) called (had a problem) and his dad said he'd pick him up: had to drive for 2 x 45 min). Problem solved!
    I just turned around and slept like a baby ...
    Did your kids like it and did they watch all of it?


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