31 July, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Yes today is the day, no more sleeps, I'm off to England for the week. Clothes packed, camera, passport and hexi globe all packed :O)  Sock Monkey is also coming apparently, I made him last month and DS has adopted him,
Yes I know his ears aren't where they should be and yes his ribbon has been well and truly loved.....

I'm currently watching Team GB in the showjumping and then after lunch it's time to leave for the airport.  I sent the kids to summer school for the day to give me a last chance to sew.

And my flimsy finish of Zig Zag.... It's crazy daisy fabric that I bought from Fat Quarter shop and even though i'm a bit gutted, I thought kona snow was whiter than kona white and didn't twig it properly until I'd made all the HST's and I wasn't going to unpick it. The Crazy daisy is white with pink and a very white white, so it does look a bit weird but perhaps it's the slight contrast it needed.
Do you think it should have a border ??? I originally bought this for the border
but now i'm not sure it needs it, perhaps just for the binding and maybe the back ???

I'm hoping to get to blog at some point over the holiday but I'm afraid it might be kids pics or perhaps some of the yummys that have arrived at my mum's, I hear there are sizzix dies *what me ???* and some fabric squares and I'm sure there might be another die that hasn't yet arrived....could it be the cute owl, so i'll be bringing back hexagons, owls and 2.5" square, did I tell you I love my big shot :)

So Au revoir, see you soon, goodbye and pray for good weather

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  1. Have a great time in England - I`m envious! I love your zig zags and I fell for the whiter than white snow thing only to make the same mistake. I`m a bit of a border girl generally but I don1t think it needs one and looks just great! Bon voyage.

  2. No border, as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps you could quilt it with pink or even aqua to lead the eye away from the whites?
    Have a lovely holiday with your folk!

  3. forgot: I love your sock monkey!!
    Ears, ribbon an'all!


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